A Message to Lightworkers – November 11, 2020by Caroline Oceana Ryan


A Message to Lightworkers – November 11, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

The Collective share here what they spoke on the Ashtar Legacy Call on Tuesday evening, November 10, 2020:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

And we do encourage you to look up on your YouTube this beautiful piece of music, titled “One Last Time,” from the Broadway musical Hamilton

And we wish to say that it’s interesting—the phrasing of the lyric, where George Washington says to Alexander Hamilton, “I want to warn about partisan fighting.”

And he doesn’t say it in the way that demonstrates political preference.

As he is speaking that, dear ones, he is speaking it from the heart. 

And we wish to say that the healing of the United States—of any nation—will not occur due to the winning or the losing of any one partisan preference—the winning or losing of any one party.

And that the healing, the freedom you seek within the heart can only occur fully once Divine sovereignty is established upon the land, and that is the thing for which NESARA is to be announced.

Now, you may be impatiently waiting for NESARA, and that is completely understandable. 

But do you realize your own power in this moment, dear ones?

That you can anchor the energies of NESARA Law—of the National Economic and Security Reformation Act, and all it entails, in your own energies.

And so we encourage you in this moment to put your hand on your heart, and to release this tendency of “I belong to this party or that” or “I belong to this social strata or that” or “this economic or political theory or that.”

Put your hand on your heart, and say, “I AM of Divine Love.”

Go ahead and say that right now—just give yourself a moment. Say it a few times, and declare yourself sovereign:

“I hereby declare myself a sovereign and independent Being of Light.”

“A sovereign and independent Being of Light, answering to my higher self and soul, to the intention of the Light Forces, to the intention of Divinity Itself.”

It is so that St Germain was physically present at the time that the Declaration of Independence was being drawn up and signed. 

A lot of the Founders wanted to back up and, as the British say, “scupper” the whole thing. 

They knew they would be burnt or hanged [for opposing the British]. 

Certainly it was a frightening moment for many.

St Germain encouraged them to stick with it—to sign the thing, and to draw up a constitution.

Now, it didn’t take very long before that process, as with so many other efforts to establish a democracy, became utterly corrupted. 

But does the seed, the core Truth of what was sought in those warm days in 1700s Philadelphia still exist?

Of course it does!

Look down at yourself—do you exist? 

And you don’t have to be in the United States to assert this—that you stand for the freedom and sovereignty of every individual!

There are several interesting things that the character of George Washington says in that lovely scene, in which they sing “One Last Time.”

Alexander Hamilton, who wrote much of the content of Washington’s speeches, is reading out that [farewell] speech: 

“I anticipate with pleasing expectation that retreat in which I promised myself to . . . ” 

And then Washington himself takes it up, and says: 

“I promised myself to realize the sweet enjoyment of partaking in the midst of my fellow citizens”—and “citizen” here means citizen of the Earth—”the benign influence of good laws”—Divine Law, we can call that!—”and a free government, the ever-favorite object of my heart.

And the happy reward, as I trust, of our mutual cares, labors, and dangers.”

Whether you realize it or not, dear ones, each of you in his or her own way, contributes to the whole which is indeed a matter of mutual cares, labors, and dangers. Most assuredly so.

And now let’s introduce a new element . . .

Let’s introduce into the mix Divine Light.

Your mutual Divinity; the Oneness which you carry unconsciously within you at every moment.

And the Unity consciousness now being birthed in every cell of your being.

The mutual Divine Light into which each of you has invested your life blood.

There’s not a woman or man amongst you who would not give up their life for a cause they wholly believed in.

So all right—let’s look at an even tougher situation than giving up one’s life.

And that would be giving up the ego-mind.

And we wish to remind you, as we have in our recent channelings in the Messages to Lightworkers, that there are many identifications wishing to claim you, due to this old system that has gone on for thousands of years on this planet.

That system is dissolving now, but it is still in place enough to rattle one a bit, with these old identifications and labels which are meant for no other reason than to degrade, to divide, and to disappoint.

And so again, and again, and again you will go to the polls, and you will vote for someone whom you think is some sort of savior.

And what we wish to impart, dear ones, is that the “savior,” if there is one, or the hero, is the one you look at in the mirror every morning.

You’ve all come in with the crystalline consciousness burgeoning, blossoming forth now—just pouring in.

And we’re bringing in a lot of Light now in this Message, and opening the heart-space, as this 11-11 Portal will also do for you.

Bringing in a lot of Light right now to assist, so that your consciousness catches on to the significance not only of that date, and the coming Winter Solstice, and all they portend, but a full awareness of the importance of your presence on the Earth at this time.

And so to put it down to, “Well, this is all about winning and losing. This is all about who’s Right and who’s Wrong,” is almost funny.

Because you came in to break up that ridiculously narrow, confining, insulting paradigm into a million little pieces, all over the floor, from which it dissolves into dust, and blows away.

And so you have seen your world, dear ones, increasingly given to extreme weather, increasingly given to extreme disasters such as these massive fires out West in the US, increasingly given to natural disasters, and conflict on the streets—between nations, between groups. 

Yet in the midst of that—all that melee—a miracle is still occurring, dear ones!

Will you see it? Well, this is up to you.

Do you see it, right now, is the question!

We are asking you to look deeply into your own heart-mind at this moment.

And ask yourself, Do I mainly see Divine Light there, or shadow?

Now, we can tell you that we already see much beauty, much Joy, much empowerment, and certainly a very powerful form of Divine Light.

And can you birth new forms of Divine Light in an Earth life?

Of course! It’s called Ascension, and it’s what you’re here for!

So let’s put down all of those banners and all those labels under which one tends to line up in Earth life.

Put it down! It’s the old paradigm. It’s a crutch. You don’t need it.

And just sit for a moment with palms facing up.

You need only stand under that star which is your beautiful stellar guide, and your own Great Central Sun, and your Sun Sol. 

And image Divine Golden and Divine Silver Light—the very power and Presence of our Father/Mother God/Goddess pouring in to you now.

And understand, dear ones: You didn’t come in to “get it right.”

You didn’t come in to “do things the proper way”—the way in which your own ego-mind or your culture or your family would approve.

Most of you have caught on that that’s not going to happen. And let us assure you that it doesn’t need to happen.

You came in to express that which is beyond being right, beyond being sure of yourself, beyond winning the argument.

You came in to truly know yourself in the context of Ascension, and to anchor that beautifully, right into this entire planet!

And so when John Lennon announced quietly, as he held his baby boy—he and his wife were looking at this miraculous child, born after she had had so many miscarriages—and he said, about his little son Sean, “He’ll be a citizen of the world”—we would say, the gentleman had the right idea!

Now, are you all willing to consider yourselves Citizens of Earth?

And to, for heaven’s sake, let the rest go?

So we send our Love, dear ones. 

And as always, we are so thankful for your beautiful Presence upon the Earth at this time!



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