Super New Moon in Scorpio is Saturday, November 14, at 10:07PM Mountain Standard Time (MST)


Dear Friends,

Super New Moon in Scorpio is Saturday, November 14, at 10:07PM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

This new moon launches a challenging week of catharsis, crisis and growth where serious choices are made, a little chaos is everywhere, and people around you may react in negative ways. Not everyone is feeling inspired, hopeful, grateful and enthusiastic about change. Some may be deeply resentful about what they can’t have or what they need to give up in order to move on and evolve.

This time frame could highlight the deepest dysfunction and demand full forgiveness of self, the past, and others as the cost of admission into your better future. The limitations of the mind could introduce the concept of futility. Do not listen. There was never a better time to think outside the box and to use your discipline for any exercise that leads to a higher vibration.

Because of the cathartic crisis energy of this time frame, it is actually a good time to reach for something you could not have imagined. Take a risk towards something that feels right and that you love. If you are feeling isolated in any way, reach out to others and confirm your personal connections and support.


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Join Lena Stevens for a remote shamanic healing session on Monday, November 16, at 7pm MDT. Post New Moon and right in the middle of some challenging influences, this is a great opportunity for some clearing, grounding and a reset into more positivity, good intention, balance, centering and protection. Lena’s powerful icaros will be included in the session. As you have experienced in these sessions, they are often much more than a healing, including timely teachings and words of wisdom.


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