ANNOUNCEMENT BY ARCHANGEL METATRON regarding Coronavirus vaccines. 14th November, 2020 (via Sandy Stevenson)


Hello from Sandy,

Some months ago, many of us realized that any intended vaccine to handle Covid 19 would contain substances of a nature that was not conducive to the well being of humanity on Earth. So, steps were taken to assist this situation. Actions included extensive world wide networking of information to the public regarding the possible detrimental effects of vaccines. This offered a different view than was being delivered by the established authorities. Other actions included the issuance of a Decree for Corona viruses, by the Lightworkers of Earth. A Decree is a ‘Right’ held by an incarnated Light Force on Earth, to ask the Higher Realms of Light to act on behalf of us and our soul families on Earth. Mathematics has a part to play in such a request and in this case, because the Decree was asking for something that affected the entire human race, it required a large number of Lightworkers to speak the decree. This Universal Law requirement of 2 million has just been met. It renders all detrimental parts of any Coronavirus vaccine, null and void.

Note: Of course, the Decree states that such a request can only take place ‘where where such an action is in Divine Order’. Nothing is done by the Higher Realms of Light that will be detrimental to any individual.

This is wonderful news BUT it does not mean a vaccine will necessarily be forthcoming. It is simply an alternate handling by the Light Force, should the event of a vaccine be produced and issued.

It also does NOT mean we don’t continue just as effectively and with the same enthusiasm as we have been doing, to awaken humanity to the possible detrimental effects of vaccines. We are assisting humanity to a level of ‘people power’, so they recognise they are in control of their own destiny. Our continual efforts to help enlighten people to the true nature of some of society’s established systems and the intentions behind them, brings greater understanding, knowledge, wisdom and will ultimately will  result in humanity walking together in love and harmony on their journey of Light. NOTE: This is not all about making the vaccine ineffective and then to sit back and relax. We continue to work to prevent it happening at all.

There is a major goal at play here involving the Divine Plan for Earth to help humanity become aware of areas that do not serve their higher good. People then have an informed choice to allow these systems to dissolve and to be replaced with better ways. It offers freedom of choice to create their own destiny. If we sit back and do nothing, that will not occur.

Please tune in to the higher realms for your own confirmation.

Love and Blessings,

Sandy Stevenson


We are making the vaccine content null and void. All pathogens, all substances, all entities contained with any vaccine that have as their stated purpose as being for use in the prevention or treatment of any form or variation of Corona that may be delivered on Earth, are to be covered with a blanket of energy across the Earth and will be rendered ineffective. This is permitted under Universal Law, following a request by the incarnated Light Force on Earth, because the description of the vaccines intended to be administered are claimed to be of a beneficial nature and do not disclose the actual content, thus failing to provide accurate information that would permit individuals on Earth to ascertain whether the absorption of this product would be enhancing or detrimental to their growth and evolution.

Archangel Metatron

14th November, 2020

As per protocol – verified by The Elohim


‘By Divine Decree, in the name of God, under the Law of Grace, as a Lightworker on the Ascension Mission to Earth, using the Universal Right to speak on behalf of the Soul families on Earth, I ask Lord Archangel Metatron of the 8th dimension of Light, to examine and clarify the content and effects of all Covid 19, SARS-COV-2 and all Coronavirus vaccines likely to be offered for human consumption – and where found to be detrimental to the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual well being of souls in human form, to take appropriate and immediate steps to eliminate or render them null and void, where such an action is in Divine Order.’

‘So Be It. So It Is. So Mote it Be. It is Done’.  (This line is said only ‘once’ after saying the Decree 3 times.


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