The Oracle for this New Moon 11.14.2020


The Oracle for this New Moon 11.14.2020


Colette Baron Reid Oraclenew moon oracle reading

Exposed and Revealed



Key concepts: healing shame, the impostor syndrome, letting go of self-condemnation, freedom from past unresolved wounds, focusing on self-worth, the underlying beauty in rejection

When you experience shame, you don’t just feel you’ve done something wrong; you feel like you are wrong—fundamentally flawed. Know that life loves you, and the universe doesn’t make junk, only magic! However, many social interactions (especially online) are steeped in distorted, unhealthy ways of expressing pain by

Here is the way out of this: See shame as the heart-wrenching cry for help that it is. Consider whether you could have been triggered in the outer world by unresolved issues that matched all your inner pain points. If
someone is shaming you, perhaps you have triggered them. How miserable they must be to expend their energy on such toxicity! They are drinking poison, hoping you will get sick. You cannot love someone out of their shame; you can only show compassion for both them and yourself, set a healthy boundary, and refuse to
fan the flames.

Look upon shame as an opportunity for growth, evolution, healing, and freedom. With this in mind, can you let go of your attachment to control? Admit that this emotion isn’t something you have power over, and surrender to a Higher Power. There is a sacred quality to the vulnerability inherent in admitting you can’t do this alone. When you allow yourself to be laid open in this way, you gain a beautiful new perspective. Then the healed shame has the infinite power of the Divine to set you free.

Bearing Fruit



Key concepts: birthing, the results of hard work, an idea or consistent thought manifesting into form, the relationship between the external world and the internal world of feelings and beliefs

If your life were a tree, what fruit would it bear? Envision the results of the efforts you put into achieving your dreams and desires in partnership with the Divine. Can you see the way you think, feel, and believe reflected in the material world? Th ere is always a correlation between what you see, what you expect to see, what you intend consciously, and what you project unconsciously.

Everything is intrinsically connected. Magic flows through you from the unseen world into the world you perceive. Moving from the realm of non-ordinary reality to ordinary reality, you birth ideas and thoughts into form and bring your most cherished desires to fruition. Not all ideas will bear sweet fruit; sometimes you will reap a sour and bitter harvest based on your sense of your personal narrative and your assumptions about others.

You are in a powerful and fertile season of your life, when you’re particularly good at making things happen with very little effort. Pay close attention to what you’re manifesting now. From your career to your personal relationships, your influence is strong at this time. If you don’t like what your life is yielding, prune the proverbial tree and get into alignment with what genuinely lights you up.

Remember you birth into the world that which you pay most attention to and consistently hold within as your truth. Be clear about what you intend. Can you make this commitment?

Smoke and Mirrors



Key concepts: seeing through the lens of past conditioning, the inability to recognize the truth of what is being offered, healing from misguided perceptions, moving beyond the illusion of separation, being accountable for your biases and the way you view the world

We’re actually built to view the world inaccurately: Our five senses tell us we are separate from one another. We’re conditioned to see time as linear. This creates a consciousness of delineation, separation, and finality. We have an innate fear that what we see is all there is. Although we know deep down there is more, we are suspicious of it. Our fear of death results from this kind of perception.

The entire world is a construct of smoke and mirrors, and our job is to discover the truth that lies beyond this illusion. Discoveries at the frontiers of science align with what the ancients have known: At the atomic level, we are blinking lights and empty space. Consciousness is fundamental, time can be bent, and we are eternal.

Ask yourself if what you see is really just what you’re looking for. What do you sense beyond your intellectual assessment of what is? Can you drop into your heart and soul and call for a vision, a feeling, an awareness of the true and authentic? Every day, remind your- self that you are intrinsically connected to all life. The universe needs you to learn about it. You have within you extraordinary magic with which to co-create life beyond your wildest expectations.

Today trust the inner voice that reminds you that you truly will find what you seek and more, even if outer conditions appear to challenge that. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Things are not exactly as they seem.

Reading from The 7 Energies Oracle created by Colette Baron Reid available here:

Afterword by Deborah Faith…

This Scorpio New Moon knows about the skeletons in your closet! It brings forth new opportunity for substantial release and growth towards a new reality. The cards above serve as a reminder that this reality is all about living the “Illusion”. Let go! Holding on to that negative feeling/emotion is not serving you, therefore let it go. Turn inward and allow the power within to bring clarity and to clear the playing field so to speak.

Its all smoke and mirrors and if you are to bear and savor the fruit of this dimension of your reality, you must remember this. You bear the fruit of your own creation. Thought and emotion are powerful creatives. Therefore use them well. Your manifesting abilities are stronger now more than ever before. You are reaping the rewards sometimes within hours after having set your intention.

The Universe is beckoning you to greatness! Shhhh…..are you listening?

Think carefully Beloved…. what is it you truly want to create in this now?

Remember this…..Joy is a key factor and an absolutely necessary component in life. Therefore we insist that you HAVE FUN! PLAY PLAY PLAY!

Humans take life far too seriously… 🙂

~ Deborah Faith


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