A short update on the energiesPosted byBente Amundsen • Aisha NorthNovember 9, 2020


A short update on the energies

The elevation of spirit continues

allowing for an expansion of vision.

As the dust settles,

your ability to seek beyond the obvious

will clarify what wants to become.

For you are Earth Manifestors,

Creator Gods of infinite powers.

Yet, you still find it challenging

to simply BE what you ARE.

So let your heart lift your gaze,

and set your mind free to wander.

Then, pay attention to what to invites itself in.

For great ideas are at your doorstep.

Wonderful inventions waiting to be born.

But they need an open mind and a willing heart

in order to become more than just a mirage.

A dream is simply a dream.

But now, a new reality is ready to be born.

Through you.

The colour RED has been coming up a lot for me lately, including during the November Gathering. It seems to represent a new frequency, one that we have been invited to embody over these last few days. When this painting came through a little while ago, it was the first time this spectrum of red began to show itself to me. Has anyone else had a similar experience of red lately?



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