Your Oracle for Today!


Your Oracle for Today!


Beloved Soul,

I wanted to share this Oracle with you today, but before I get into that, I wanted to remind you of a few things, just in case you’ve forgotten….

Did you know that you are already an ascended Being?

Your Body of Light exists on many different levels and it is only in these 3 first levels (1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions) that you veiled yourself against knowing your true identity. The reason behind this was so that you could, within this matrix of divine forgetfulness, return to the Source of Love and Life within you whilst you navigate this wonderful diverse landscape through your physical senses, emotions and feelings.

The 4th and 5th dimensional Being that you are already knows you are PURE LIGHT! Your Soul knows this too. It knows this because on those levels, it has no veils of illusion to cloud its perception of its True Nature.

The reason I’m telling you this is because it is time to step out of the illusion – which I know all too well can seem so real – and into the Light of your Being. Your True Nature. All this takes is a willingness to let go, a willingness to allow all that has occurred, and a deep love and compassion for yourself.

So now you will understand why this Oracle reading for today is so in line with where we are at present in this mountainous journey!


The Luminous Warrior has no enemies in this world or the next. He is impeccable in word and deed. He focuses on his light rather than on what hides in the dark. Since he casts no shadow, he is as radiant as the sun and can transform his most terrible enemy into his ally. His power comes not from the sword but from speaking his truth at all costs.

The Luminous Warrior reminds you it is important to focus on your power, wisdom, and beauty. Do not be seduced by what seems wrong with you or with the world. Remember that intention follows attention, so focus on your positive traits; feed your light with more light, until you feel truly empowered. Then there will be little need for action, as you resolve all situations from within.

PS- Note that the Warrior says “there is little need for action as you resolve all situations from within.”

Archangel Michael, my ever present Guide and Teacher, has confirmed this over and over: “Stay within your pillar of Light and avail yourself of the resources that lie within you in order to attain your freedom!”


Owl guards against self-deception and insists that your motives be pure and transparent to all. What is the message that you are not hearing, the situation you are not seeing with clarity? Owl invites you to wait patiently. Bide your time until it is right to act. Then do so decisively, with no hesitation or remorse.

PS- The only action you need to take is guided action. LISTEN and become aware of the soft voice within you! It is forever there for you, guiding and loving you back into the Wholeness of your Being. DO NOT resist, do not strive, but simply allow the FLOW to do this for you. You are DEEPLY LOVED!


You are never alone. Turn to the Council to find the guidance you seek, and listen to the voice that arises spontaneously. Turn a deaf ear to that nagging voice from your ego that tells you that you are not up for the task before you. Create a spiritual feast for the Council; invite them to your altar every time you meditate or pray.

PS- As the Oracle says, you are not alone. You have all the resources you need within you. Your Council of Light exists within. Tune out of all the noise, the media, the need to read the next book or watch the next video on what your ego tells you it thinks you should be watching. All is within.

I hope this incredible Oracle today will help clarify for you your next move.

This time is of incredible value to each and every one of you as you allow yourself to be guided through the 11.11 and 12.12 doorway of Illumination. The culmination of this year with the Solstice on the 21.12 will be one which is celebrated in the Celestial realms with much glee and jubilation!

It is time Beloveds.

I love you and treasure your presence here on this Planet at this time of awakening!

~ Deborah Faith

These Oracle Cards are the Mystical Shaman Oracle cards created by Colette Baron Reid available on her website


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