The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 2, Chapter 3


The Sasquatch Message to Humanity, Book 2, Chapter 3

Kamooh and I have been sitting in silent prayer and meditation, sending good thoughts and spiritual support to the protectors of water and life in Standing Rock, who just suffered from an illegal brutal assault from several militarized anti-riot police squads. This will be remembered as a sad day in history when corporate colonialism has shown the urgency for Humanity to free itself from its tyranny. My Elder has not lost his usual serenity, nor his loving smile deeply felt in my heart, as he sits peacefully for our telepathic conversation, but he shares the same sadness and concerns many of us who love the Earth are feeling today, with the tragic news and general situation on our planet. Finally, after joining our souls for sending healing prayers, he asks me to write again.

”As you see Little Brother, we have many reasons to celebrate and be cheerful, as we also have many reasons to be sad and sorry, because of the dire situation of Humanity. The last few of your people who are still carrying wisdom and standing to protect all life are being violently attacked by the armies of the lower lords and the powers they control. While they show Humanity the way to reclaim your freedom and sovereignty from the enslaving grid devised by the lower lords, they are being targeted by the dark cabal.”

”This is why the lower lords have always tried to exterminate the Indigenous Peoples and the shamanic tribes, because they have kept their ancient wisdom from the Star Elders and their spiritual connection with Mother Earth and all life, as the caretakers you were meant to be. This ongoing genocide has been happening since the downfall of Atlantis, when the genetically modified Homo Sapiens started on their long conquest of the world. Since the age of colonialism, ancient cultures have been constantly suppressed, erased, assimilated, when not completely eradicated. In the last century, colonial powers have increased their encroachment and oppression on all ancient cultures keepers of wisdom. Indigenous of all continents, the Tibetan, the tribal cultures of the Middle-East, have all been the victims of long term systematic violence and genocide conducted by the cabal.”

”The violence on this planet has kept increasing at an exponential rate, with the coming of modern warfare, advanced weaponry and privatized mercenary armies used in proxy wars for resources, making state terrorism the largest investment and business of the unsustainable uncivilization of the lower lords that has kept your Human people enslaved. It teaches that as caretakers, we are also spiritual warriors and must protect the sacred. We must stand strong, keep our grounds and fight back, if not in the physical, in spirit.”

”Prayers and focused intentions are also powerful tools to reverse the spells of the cabal. They are thought-forms sent into the Alter-Universe that create ripples and resonance. They can reach the souls, hearts and minds of even those who don’t believe in them. They can have a great influence at distance, especially when calling on higher powers. Call on the Omnipotent Great Spirit, but invite also your Elders, guides and allies to join. Project a beam of light to channel healing, a bright circle of light around for protection.”

”Violence is the argument of the fool and this uncivilization has provided all the proofs that its very backbone is an economy of war, while the corporate police State takes over. This unsustainable way of life cannot last and its destructive way brings doom upon itself. This is as far as materialistic science can take you without consciousness or compassion. Technology turns out to be used for destruction and harmful goals. This enslaving paradigm is reaching its extreme limits without bringing any real understanding about life and the Omniverse. It plunges down into a dark suicidal vortex of anti-Nature measures.”

”The reptilian lower lords have been trying for ages to take over and control this Earth. Their obsession for climate manipulation is to create a warmer atmosphere with high levels of carbon, as it was in the times they invaded Earth; and the fossil fuels, coal, oil, gas, are mineralized residues of the organic matter from beings that lived in those times. Your people knows that burning fossil fuels destroys the planet and its life, yet you have become depending on those vehicles and commodities, unable to see your lives without them, as your ancestors lived just a century ago. You know the alternatives, renewable energies, recycling and green technologies, yet your will power to change is too slow.”

”The reason why Humanity takes a destructive suicidal path and seems unable to change its course, is that the lower lords still control your people through their grid and cabal. They use lies, deception and force, to keep you into the materialistic temporal paradigm. They want you to fear terror and get armed, to distrust your neighbor and fall into hatred. They conceal knowledge to keep the masses in ignorance and manipulate their minds. They want you to forget our spiritual connectedness, ignore your healing powers, as well as your seventh chakra, or pineal gland, your astral and etheric bodies and your Soul. Materialistic science is pushed on you as the universal dogma, while facts are occulted or twisted to maintain erroneous theories as doctrines. Mind control is their sinister routine.”

”This is why occult societies, Human institutions and governments, have been working in secret with the lower lords in deep underground military bases, as on other planets, in top secret super black project, receiving technological advancements in exchange of abdicating Earth’s sovereignty and letting the reptilian lower lords rule our world in the shadow, behind the curtains of public knowledge, with weather, magnetic and genetic manipulations. This explains the technological boom that Humanity has known in the last seventy years, but the progress presented to the public is a mere reflection of the real level of technology insiders have access to. The reason they keep this hidden from your people is that they depend on their alien lower lords for interstellar and time travels.”

”You have seen the advent of propulsion jets, but were left uninformed about chemtrails; of radar, but not told of weather manipulations and mind control applications of waves. You saw the rise of electronics and telecommunications, but never heard of free energy. Your people has been deliberately kept in ignorance of higher scientific understanding.”

”The rockets, satellites and space stations your people are aware of are examples of a very primitive level of technology that will never achieve interstellar travels, because the density of these fuel propelled crafts is too heavy and subjected to gravity; they can only fall back down to Earth or be lost as space junk. Materialistic science and technology cannot travel fast enough to reach other stars. Interstellar journeys are interdimensional feats that can only be achieved by bending the space-time continuum through portals such as star gates or wormholes. Your scientists and governments know this and have been developing these technologies on Earth in underground secret laboratories and bases, while leaving the population in the dark about their real agenda, because they are controlled by their reptilian alien masters and serve their interest against Mother Earth.”

”These technologies have been gradually exchanged to your Human governments by the alien invaders for a growing power over our planet, but the lower lords keep control over the higher technologies, so that Humanity cannot reach planetary sovereignty and Peace. These lower technological levels they leave you with, including power lines, fossil fuels, synthetic chemicals and nuclear energy, represent the apex of what materialistic science can do, showing that without interdimensional understanding, it just leads to destruction. The only way science can evolve from here on, is with interdimensional understanding. We know that this information has been circulating, but this is a reminder for you to understand where Humanity is coming from and standing at, and where it can be going.”

”Collective destiny is made of intertwined individual timelines influencing one another. Whether an individual soul chooses a path of peace or a path of violence will have direct consequences in this soul’s destiny and influence those around. Likewise, when one chooses a path of violence, even more so on a collective level, the influence is felt in the lives of all beings affected by it and by extension of all living beings, as empaths can feel. That is why we hear the cries of those who suffer and of Nature’s spirits under siege.”

”The extremely challenging necessity Humanity must now face is to turn your collective consciousness into a peaceful planetary civilization, evolving into spiritual maturity necessary for interstellar travel and interspecies communication. But to do so, you have to make spiritual wisdom overcome the insanity of the uncivilization of those lower lords. As long as Humanity supports the destructive industries, economies and governments imposed on them, there is no hope for a collective consciousness shift to global Peace.”

”This uncivilization must collapse and crumble to pieces, as it happened in the time of Atlantis and in many other occasions, on this planet and on others. When an uncivilization is built on breaking the natural laws and the cosmic order, it can only bring its own doom. The lower lords have caused the destruction of life and even of entire planets before. They then suck the emotions and souls on which they feed into the Alter-Universe, keeping them locked in a karmic jail or local hell. It is from that alter plane that they control materialistic oriented minds, without them even realizing that this plane exists. They project thoughts in brains and suggest emotions to vulnerable souls unaware of it. They can even take possession of their bodies and make them commit unthinkable acts.”

”Understanding your multidimensional nature and spiritual essence frees your soul from their detrimental influence on your destiny as individuals, and eventually, collectively. This is at least our hope and desire and that of our Star Elders, and we wish to assist you. Remember that your eternal essence is Divine and that many allies are ready to help.”

”For the materialistic mind frame, it is hard to conceive even the next dimensional plane of Alter-Universe and its Alter-Matter, which is much less dense than the physical plane. Even harder for it to seize are the other dimensions of the etheric and causal planes, the realms of the Universal Mind beyond space and of Eternal Consciousness beyond time. But these dimensions hold the essence of existence and explain its nature and fabrics.”

”This is why it is now important for your consciousness to learn about interdimensionality. Not only is it necessary for your individual spiritual growth, but also for your collective healing and evolution, in order to be able to transform your actual doomsday scenario in a viable, responsible and sustainable future on our home-planet, for generations to come. The other choice you have is to stay in the materialistic paradigm: a timeline of fatality.”

”Materialistic mentality sees the goal of existence as a competition for survival and an opportunity to exploit resources and beings for a short term egotistic profit, regardless of the collective interest. Spiritualism understands that this plane is only a thin layer of the spectrum of energies of the Omniverse, that is a temporary holographic passing illusion. The purpose of existence is experiencing the evolution of consciousness through interactions; while peaceful loving relations bring healing, balance and higher wisdom.”

”Now it is time for Humanity to make its choice: either remain in denial of the truth, caught in a man made karmic hell heading straight to a final total destruction, or else open up your Soul, feel empathy for all life, realign with the Cosmic Order, listen to us, and welcome back the Star Elders on Earth as your relatives, ancient allies and teachers. As long as there is life, there is consciousness and there is hope for Humanity to change.”

”Spiritually evolved souls have emotions and can also feel sorrow or pain, but they focus their will on projecting healing energies like compassion, respect, wisdom and kindness. The masters of dharma spend their whole existence healing, teaching and helping others. They are the ones who preside in the Council of Star Elders and guide with their wisdom.”

”So do not forget, no matter how bad it looks on our planet, we can still shift the energy. One of the first condition is for those who have been opening the path and showing the way into the coming peaceful world to never give up and make this vision your priority. Keep the healing of the collective consciousness as your life mission and main dedication. When you fall, stand back up; when you lose, try again; without you, the world is in need. You all know who you are and what you can do to help bring the great planetary healing. It starts in your immediate surroundings and it is an everyday task and responsibility.”

”You think you have seen and endured enough of it, but we, the Sasquatch People, have known greater sufferings and have fought this cosmic war long before your people lived. Your collective consciousness is now barely awakening to the reality that you are only one intelligent species among many others and that you have been under alien control. The next step is to free your destiny from their control and return to the Cosmic Order. The task might be huge, but it is doable if enough Humans decide to walk the right path.”

”So Little Brother, we are far from done, my people and yours still have a long way to go, and mine have already gone a much longer way than yours, along the evolutionary course. We have gathered more experience as guardians and protectors and wish to help you. Because the lower lords and the powers they control are tightening their grip and speeding up conquest, as they are increasingly exposed and opposed by your people. They are not ready to back off or let go of world control, as they are getting so close to it. So there will still be injustice and war in your Human world and you will have to be strong. Your collective destiny is at a cosmic cross road, a turning point in the planetary future.”

”But there will be help and support for those of you who work with higher consciousness. My people, Star Elders and interdimensional guides are willing to offer their protection. These include animal spirit and the souls of your ancestors who live in the Alter-Universe. They also can hear your emotions and read your thoughts; they can join you and assist.”

”When you call on the spirit of Buffalo, Wolf, Eagle or Raven, the Greater Soul of their species hears you and, as shamanic people know, they can manifest in the physical as well as in the alter plane. When you speak Soul to Soul with an animal or the spirit of its species, a telepathic connection is established, and spiritual friendship can be developed. This is why my Sasquatch People and some of your Human shamans can fly with the crow or see through the eyes of a fish; animals know us and can live along, as trusted friends. Through our Soul connections, we can communicate and work in mutual loving support.”

”It is pretty much in this same way that you can communicate with us and Star Elders. Telepathy is a universal language, the fastest communion and limitless Soul connection. It takes efforts from both sides to develop a conversation, or else it is called suggestion. Some of your guides might use suggestion whether you are conscious of it or not, others send teachings, but others like us prefer dialogue with you as our relatives and equals.”

”When you cultivate elevated thoughts and surround yourselves with the healing powers of the Omniverse, their energies really manifest around your aura in the Alter-Universe. They can be felt and sometimes perceived by the beings around you, animals or Humans. Likewise, people who cultivate negative thoughts and emotions surround their aura with heavy and dense clouds of Alter-Matter that attracts some parasite entities feeding on it. When people perpetuate a karmic hell around themselves, those entities gather in mass.”

”So the whole cosmic battle is a spiritual fight, consisting in the great healing of the Soul. Mass extinction and destruction has been at times the last recourse and best solution to save a planet from total annihilation of consciousness, and a failure of the Soul evolution experiment on it. But massive depopulation leaves a large reservoir of erring souls, that will eventually need available physical bodies to be reborn. Of all those departed souls, some get lost in lethargy in a local karmic hell for some period, others reincarnate quickly to continue their spiritual evolution and the advance of consciousness on their planet.”

”So massive destruction only pushes back or postpones the dealing with certain karmas. Souls sucked and caught into dense black holes of the Alter-Universe may sojourn with the dead for some shorter or longer periods, depending on their individual and collective karma, and on the outcome of the egregore or collective thought-form they are caught in. A local hell is like a huge poltergeist or large quantity of souls trapped together under the control of some entity or group of entities feeding on their energies. Souls lose their autonomy and identity in those prisons of Alter-Matter, until they are freed from them.”

”It can be through what some call exorcism, a cleansing of spells from invading entities, or through the gradual weakening of the controlling group which ends up releasing souls. This happens under the supervision of the Star Elders Council keeping the Cosmic Order. The goal of dharma and spiritual evolution dictates that eventually souls are given the opportunity to heal and continue on their learning journey, when bodies become suited. So although some try to keep you in fear of eternal hell, the only eternal hell there is, is for those who choose to perpetrate it. In fact, no hell is eternal, only Consciousness is.”

”Those karmic hell can be of planetary proportions, but can also be located in some sites. Ancient battlefields, places of executions and torture, are heavily dense with entities caught in some spells or poltergeist. Why do the lower lords always try to create such local hells of different scales? Because by keeping entrapped souls from continuing their spiritual evolution and provoking painful emotions, they feed on the Alter-Matter of the beings they control. That is why they are always waging wars, seeking blood sacrifices.”

”The more trauma is inflicted into a soul, the easier it is for the cabal to control its mind. This is how they have created armies of zombies and patsies bringing chaos in the world. They use them for shootings, assassination, terrorist attacks, and dirty jobs to raise fear. That is why they intend to cause all the sufferings they can, to keep their grip on Earth. That is why they are not concerned about a total destruction, which means their victory. A mass extinction indeed, creates a vast reservoir of souls without bodies to return in.”

”We tell you of these things so you can understand the greater process of soul evolution and can intervene as cosmic guardians of the sacred purpose of life. We ask your people to be the caretakers of our home-planet Earth and of all life on it, but also to become the responsible guardians of the Soul evolution process here. Join the Watchers of dharma. You can already start to unite your consciousness to higher spiritual levels and beings. Star Elders and my people are calling on you to join back in our Council of Cosmic Order.”

”The evolution of your people is not happening evenly. There are some who choose to follow the path of destruction and violence and will likely continue on this way to its end. There are a few among you, more and more, who show the way towards higher spiritual wisdom and a collective consciousness of Peace, preparing your Human world for its great shift beyond its purification, into a new era of enlightenment with our Star Elders.”

”We wish to guide you in your understanding of interdimensionality so you can become whole and know the Omniverse better, to work on different planes and reach out further. Of all the teachings we can give you, this is the most useful tool for your Soul evolution. We will explain in more details later, the unfolding of dimensions as fractal holograms.”

”But before we go deeper into describing this infinite field of dimensional possibilities, we wish to answer a question that some who know us have asked you about our discretion in appearing to Humans. Tell them that what our bodies look like do no matter as much as who our Soul is. Knowing of our Love for you is the greatest gift and should not require constant proofs from our part. Friendship goes beyond expectation, it is mutual respect. To see us, you must train your Soul with meditation, and your eyes to see beyond matter. We most often appear in dreams or in astral projections of the Alter-Universe, because it is easier for us to reach out in that plane regardless of distance and timelines. When we materialize into 4D linear time, we become highly limited with physical density needs. This is why we prefer not to manifest in the physical form so often, except in chosen time. We care for all, but manifest to the ones we find ready to communicate as ambassadors.”

”It is not important for anyone to see us or receive any manifestations of us, if their heart is in the right place and willing to work with us and the Star Elders in the spiritual healing. Many believe in us, in angels, Elementals, Star Elders and Creator without ever seeing us. Blessed be those who believe without seeing; even more so those living in a sacred way. The universal truth is what makes you and the Omniverse, it is inscribed in every parts and particles, in every fibers and the very essence of the multidimensional being you are. Your Soul knows of its long evolution and your species memory is encoded in your DNA.”

”Now, as we mourn the terrible incident that just happened in Standing Rock, with the brutal armed attack by the corporate police State on peaceful protectors of life from over three hundred Indigenous nations and their supporters on sacred grounds, at the heart of this continent they call Turtle Island, we can also interpret this event as a major turning point in the history of Humanity, showing that the last battle in which we are to face the lower lords’ aggressive invasion has been engaged; its outcome will make our destiny. There is no turning back nor running away, because there is nowhere left to hide from this cosmic war. We have no other planet to go to at this point, and will not be able to find one until Humanity can make Peace with itself, its own planet and all life therein.”

”This restriction of course does not apply to my Sasquatch People who have kept contact with our Star Elders and still travel to other worlds. But we have lived on this home-planet Mother Earth for very long and we have not failed to love Her and all Her life to this day. This is why we are still living here with you, although the physical plane becomes unsure. We will not abandon Humanity Little Brother, because it is our mission to watch over you. We have much work waiting ahead. Let’s walk this road together as allies, step by step.”

-Channeled from Kamooh, by SunBôw, written in 2016


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