Message from Angels


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Celebrate your freedom. You don’t “vote” every couple of years. Rather, in each and every moment of your existence, you vote with your vibration. You vote for peace or you vote for war. You vote for unity or you vote for divisiveness. You vote for equality, superiority, or inferiority. You vote for health or you vote for disease. You vote for chaos or you vote for order. You vote for love, judgment, or even hatred.

Your words don’t cast your cosmic “votes.” Your beliefs don’t cast your cosmic “votes.” Instead it is the energetic vibration that you are emitting that casts your vote in the sea of mass consciousness, and the vote that will ultimately be reflected back to you in your personal experience. You can support a cause with love, or you can fight against something with hate. Your energy, not your action, is what calls a different reality to you.

What energy are you emitting now? Is it love? Fear? Anxiety? Joy? Contentment? Contemptuousness? You’ll know by the way you feel. As soon as you realize what energy you are emitting, you can either enjoy it, or you can begin to shift it. There is never any judgment on our part. You get to define your own experience.

At any time, you can exercise your true freedom – your spiritual freedom – which is the ability to think the thoughts that give you the feelings you desire to experience. In so doing, you alone attract the reality you are feeling and focused upon. You can pray for those vying for leadership or you can loathe them. Your vibrational “vote” will ultimately define the reality that you will personally experience.

No one, no matter how inspired or loathsome in their words or behaviors, can dictate how you feel. You alone are sovereign in the kingdom of your emotions. You alone choose how you will act and react in the world. No one “makes you” feel anything dear ones although it is common practice to abdicate your spiritual freedom and to blame others for your vibration.

While it may be easier to say “my ex makes me angry,” this person “makes me sick,” or that situation “makes my heart sing,” what truly is going on is that your anger makes you feel angry; your upset reaction to something you don’t like “makes you feel sick,” and your willingness to see the love in any situation “makes your heart sing.”

While it is challenging to take such an impeccable level of self-responsibility for your vibrational vote, it is your God-given right and freedom to choose how you want to feel, simply by choosing thoughts – one thought at a time – that make you feel better and better.

We urge you very strongly at this time to “vote” for peace by focusing on thoughts that make you feel peaceful. We urge you to “vote” for kindness, by being kind and seeking examples of human beings that are doing kind things in the world. We urge you to “vote’ for love, dear friends, because right now the hurting hurtful are coming to the surface to express their pain as never before.

Your every thought, word, and deed matter now. Your every vibrational vote counts.

Cast your vibrational vote for love as often as you can, dear ones. Cast your vote for peace. You are needed. There will be temptation in the weeks ahead to fall into judgment, fear, and anger, but do your best to focus on love. Focus on the good that is always present. Focus on the peaceful constancy of nature. Focus on the loving people in the world. Seek out examples of those who are living in peace, compassion, and kindness.

Every kind, loving, and peaceful vote brings your world closer to a kind, loving, and peaceful world, and while it may take the world at large many years to grow closer to that ideal, your life and your personal reality will become kind, peaceful and loving much sooner.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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©2016 Ann Albers, All Rights Reserved.  


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