Election Results / Message From the Galactic Federation of Light


Election Results / Message From the Galactic Federation of Light

Lorie Ladd

  • Settle into your body. November is going to be VERY rocky.
  • Breathe
  • This is ALL for the Evolution of Humanity; we cannot be pulled back into the old ways — we can’t go back
  • We are going from lower frequencies to higher frequencies — any older systems, beliefs, paradigms are going to breakdown, be torn apart
  • It doesn’t feel good, but remember the BIGGER picture of what is going on
  • Everything that is being unraveled is doing it for the evolution of consciousness. The LIGHT wins and the dark will be revealed
  • It is our job to remain in integrity, what feels like Light
  • If you find yourself pulled into fear-based narrative, re-focus and realign — more love, compassion, and more empathy
  • The old systems don’t work anymore.
  • This is an opportunity to move into Unity
  • Many people are still be manipulated by the media, so it is our job to hold to LIGHT
  • Where is your energy being pulled?
  • Focus on the highest timeline. TRUST that the LIGHT WINS!
  • We have come too far to allow anything to pull us back, yet we have to go through this — don’t blame others, belittle or name-call. This is a HUGE human collective shift and the LIGHT within this shift will guide us.




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