Sophia – Book release and more

October 2, 2020
4:15 AM
It is I, Sophia. It is One.
Thank you for coming forward.
There are things to say.
We have moments that occur in “time” and they tend to reach out and impact, or color, many others. Not all occurrences have this effect. When they do, you can be sure that these are intentional and, in most cases, planned moments. They have been orchestrated to alter reality for more than one of you.
Such things include personal events, such as having a child. The reason to bring this up at all is to discuss events that are not personal, but global. In your world there have been many such occurrences. You have been led to believe, by the “story” or explanation of these events, that they just “happen” in the normal course of life, and in this way are typical.
I tell you this is not the case on earth. These ‘noteworthy” happenings are orchestrated to drive the population, or certain segments of it, in a specific direction. They are meant to create a social story and to become accepted behavior or even, expected behavior.
Such things as “missing children” and the recent George Floyd murder are examples. Both have colored the population and altered the narrative. They have driven movements. They have hidden motives and been used as camouflage for other things.
If the population is looking for a “bad guy” or explanation over here, they will not be noticing the other guy or explanation over there.
This is a technique of manipulation that has been used as far back as your earliest recorded history, to create a story and steer behavior. In this way it is a fact of your existence.
Only so in that your existence has been a controlled one, and not by anyone with your best interests at heart – but by their own. You walk now towards a time that will be unsettling for you. At this time, you will learn of all the lies and manipulation that have driven your society, defined your expectations and colored your beliefs. Then, you will be asked to begin believing in something else. Something so radically different it will seem nonsensical. This will be a life and society built and driven by purely human emotion. It will be one directed by love rather than control.
You have not ever lived in such a world. It will be challenging to discern who to trust and what is fact. You will be relying on a whole new set of skills and using new tools to do so.
Rather than having the media tell you what to believe or to think, you’ll need to decide for yourself.
Things will not be spelled out for you, complete with “explanations” and specific “reasons” to fill in the blanks.
Instead, things will happen and you’ll determine for yourself what they meant.
“Waking up” does not so much imply that you’ve been intentionally asleep and thus unaware of what was happening around you as you slept.
“Waking up” rather means that you notice what’s going on around you in a new way. For you have always been aware – it is just that you’ve been aware at a certain level. This level was carved out for you and so well defined and colorful that it was all that you could see.
Again, we can bring up the idea of Santa Claus. To the world of child, he is real. All facts and events and explanations support that. Until the child matures a bit and is able to see things differently and apply logic.
Your whole reality now asks you to see things differently. Rather than accepting the colors and directions that have become “normal” and accepted definitions, you are being asked to follow your own direction, preference, discernment, research and feelings. You are asked to trust that inner voice, your emotional guidance system.
What is an assist for you now is that there is a simultaneous strengthening of your ability to do so. This is the real heart of “waking up”.
It looks like this:
           The world you reside in has been constructed, intentionally, by another race with its own plan.
           They have been stripped of their tools with which to do so. In most cases, they have left or been removed.
           The world you reside in still exists. It is now constructed by a larger group, and these are humans; “awake” hue-mans.
           As construction happens, it is recognized that new tools are needed along with the skills to wield them.
           These skills are part of the DNA upgrade that simultaneously occurs on planet Earth; what you are calling the shift to 5D.
           Hue-mans now have at their disposal a full palate of colors to work with, as well as a cooperative frequency in which to do so.
           What you will find is that you may be unused to doing so, not that you are unable to do so. Quite the opposite.
           As your skills at discernment, empathy, telepathy, intuition, collaboration and love are more often employed – they grow.
You improve in all things related to sovereignty or a self-regulated life.
It may surprise you to consider that such a thing as “love” be listed as a skill, yet due to the state in which you’ve been governed and lied to, it is. Love is not a skill you are used to engaging in your society and your everyday.
It becomes the easiest to employ and fuels your existence with joy rather than monotony.
The trust you’ve placed in your government, education, scientific and media’s voices will be replaced internally and directed by love. We’ve spoken before of love and how its been misrepresented and marginalized and rendered frivolous for the most part.
As you utilize love as a skill and driving force – you will realize its strength.
All of these will come with repetition and will define freedom for you.
The expanse that is your heart has been shrouded in “should”. Once opened and allowed to run free, the heart is limitless and indestructible. It is your defining organ.
You will not move into your new world making self-defeating choices or taking self-destructive action. The reverse is true.
As you step into full awareness, the realization of all that is possible through love becomes obvious. It colors all that you see and informs each thought, consideration, action and response. It fills them in with truth. It outlines them with truth.
Love becomes the single defining principle here, rather than control. It may take time to get used to, but it will be a perfect fit and you’ll realize quicky how much better everything feels.
All of this arrives in concert with a collaborative frequency for Earth. It is faster, to match your sureness of thought and feeling.
It is the change now that causes so much upheaval. Those unprepared and unwilling to “go with the flow” will react with violence, disruption and further control; further efforts at control.
Do you see? As the control is unravelling, those that know no other method attempt to reinstate it.
This will not be sustained. It is important to state here that your focus on it will prolong its presence in your own construct. Focus instead on freedom. Focus instead on developing new techniques of living that include and employ motivations based on love, not ownership.
In this way you guarantee your own health, happiness and prosperity. In this way you help to accelerate a new Earth.
See everything with new eyes and notice the distractions for what they are – diversions from the inevitable and attempts to alter what cannot be changed.
Your new world exists. It is right here and becomes your reality just as soon as you assume it is here. Focus on love and you’ll be astounded at the speed with which everything changes.
You will see, dear human, you will see.
That is all.
Thank you.
Note: What I saw while this conversation took place was everything happening at once. Like getting handed a tool and as you grasp it in your hand, a light bulb goes off and you somehow know how to use it expertly. There was brilliant light everywhere and so much peace. The tool was love.


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