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The main theme for October  is “Keep Going… No Matter What”

This month includes a continuation of intense emotional ups and downs, disappointments, irritations, anger, disbelief, unexpected challenges, loss, roadblocks and reactions, poor communication, deep grief, confusion, outrage and despair. Any one of these is enough to take us down and immobilize us from taking proactive steps forward towards something positive and constructive. Any one of these can tempt us to give up and give in to being the ultimate victims of the times, our lives and everything that seems to be in the way of our joy, happiness, clarity, progress and satisfaction.

The theme is “Keep Going, No Matter What” because that is exactly what we all need to do.

It is the mind that is most frustrated and resistant because it does not have the “information” about the future and therefore cannot control the outcome of anything.  Last month’s themes of “Flexibility and Trust” were in preparation for this month by encouraging the mind to let go of all the expectations, attachments and timing that it is so fond of being in control of.  No amount of hypervigilance will help, so you might as well just give it up to spirit and keep putting one foot in front of the other in the direction that your heart and intuition are taking you.

Even as we are inching along in our movement towards getting to a better place personally and globally, we are far from out of the woods. This month has some very big opportunities for a final clean out of old emotional debris, as well as an intense reboot and reset of priorities and intentions. Challenges can surface overnight and the more flexible and accepting you can remain, the faster the solutions will appear. You could even be totally amazed at the rapid fluctuations from one to the other. There is a fine line between terror and excitement. The idea is to keep moving forward towards excitement at the possibilities instead of getting stuck in the terror of negative possibilities.

One of the big issues this month is the processing of grief and loss. Anything can trigger this, and if you do get triggered through something you feel is insignificant, see it as the trigger that ripped the scab off the wound so you can finally clean and heal this deeper wound for good. This could involve ancestral patterns, past lives, your personal past as well as the collective collection of karmic trauma, misery, injustice, and deep wounding of both the masculine and the feminine. We need to remember in these times of intensity, that spirit never hands us more than we can handle.

If we can “keep going, no matter what”, we will be that much stronger in our own truth and resolution, courage and conviction. We will be able to hold our ground, speak up for our rights, whether at work, home or socially, and be more confident in who we are, what we want, and what we will and won’t do.

Part of “keep going” includes keep praying, keep doing your practices, keep tracking your goals, keep kindness in your heart, keep encouraging yourself and others, keep your frequency as high as possible, keep moving forward in your tasks and projects, and keep positive no matter what, without being naïve or in denial. The opportunity this month is to break through emotional and energetic barriers of karmic shame and pain, freeing us to be more of who we are and who we were meant to be on this planet.

This is truly an interesting, challenging, and transformative time where we as a collective will continue to dismantle the old structures of injustice, inequality, limitation, debt, dishonesty and competition, making room for something balanced and better to emerge in the future. This is happening on all levels: physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Stay tuned.

Suggested and super helpful this month:
Monthly support Mp3 to work with the energies of the month.

How the month shows up:

The challenge this month is expectation and attachment. Just when you think you have it handled, something throws a monkey wrench into your plans and you find yourself in deep disappointment and despair. Process any grief around change and loss as quickly as possible and move on. Open the space for spirit to guide you in a different direction or to bring you a solution you had not thought of. And make sure you are not taking on someone else’s loss or grief which could be totally overwhelming for you.

This month, the discipline is keeping your eyes, your prayers and your intentions on your own goals and not getting distracted by the intense drama occurring around you. It will be very important to have quiet personal spaces where you can get away to be by and with yourself. When you are around too much drama that involves others, it is easy to lose your own perspective, grounding and clarity. Don’t think of this as selfish, think of it as necessary. If you are too invested or involved in what others are going through, you may miss a good opportunity to do your own inner work to clear some of your own imprinting, karma and emotional baggage.

The opportunity this month is to anchor more deeply into your inner trust and to become stronger emotionally, energetically, and even physically as you weather this storm. Never before have the words “what does not kill you will make you stronger” been truer.

We are working with very deep levels of the relationship between the masculine and feminine, and the injustices to both.  Much of the grief we process this month has to do with the healing of the masculine. Before something can get healed, the wound needs to be seen. We experience this especially around the New Moon mid-month. All relationships will be triggered and injustices could be blown out of proportion as you react to the larger picture. Remember to be kind and as neutral as possible as you look to correct and rebalance any injustice you experience in your own relationships.

Any grief yet to be processed around loss, regret, or anger will also come up this month. Acknowledge it, feel it, process it, forgive it, and let it go. Don’t get stuck on the gerbil wheel of shame, remorse or self-loathing. It does not serve anyone or anything. This month is about rebuilding balance not obliterating your self-esteem. The alone time we mentioned comes in very handy when you find yourself really triggered and unable to be neutral enough to keep going.

Take responsibility for your own personal injustice to yourself and beware of projecting this onto others. At the same time, beware of others projection onto you and try not to take things personally. It is also not a good month to be impulsive about jumping into or out of relationships without giving yourself time to get better clarity about what is the right thing to do. Give it time, think it through, and work on your own growth in the meantime.

On a positive note, the relationship you have with yourself can blossom as you rediscover how truly amazing you are. As you tap into the uniqueness of your essence, your talents and your contribution to the planet, you are building an inner confidence that is not dependent on anything that happens “out there” in the world. This is necessary for supporting the creative process so essential for manifesting something better. We are all capable of much more than we realize.

Your body will definitely let you know when things are out of balance so pay attention. This is a great month to learn more about the signs and to establish better communication with it. “Keep going, no matter what” does not, in this case, pertain to working the body beyond what is balanced and healthy. It will definitely let you know when you have not given it a rest especially from emotional stress, worry and anxiety. These are hard on the physical body. The adrenals, kidneys and thyroid all need a bit of a boost this month so that you don’t get depleted.

Helpful this month for understanding and communicating with the body is our previous webinar, which is now an online course launching this month: “The Body as a Map” 

Energy levels will fluctuate and you may experience weird symptoms, aches and pains in the joints, and even fevers, as stress is being discharged. And, as you process grief, the lungs will be involved, so it is important to work consciously with your breath, using it to release with intention any grief you are still holding on to. Grief does not need to be connected to a reason or an actual event. There is plenty of non-specific grief in the collective for us all to process a piece.

As before, we greatly support physical movement and activity. It always helps to move the body; dancing, walking, jogging, swimming etc., especially when you feel stuck, trying to process something, or come up with a solution.

This can be a frustrating month in this area. It may often feel like two steps forward, one step back, and you will need a lot of patience, commitment and perseverance to keep going. If things really fall apart, it means they are not meant to continue. Always check in with your motivation to stick with something. Is it coming from stubbornness, a fear of failure and a need to be right? Or do you feel intuitively the worth of the project or partnership to weather the obstacles and to keep going no matter what?

Not all is complicated. There will be some things that manifest very easily this month. Don’t get confused by any perceived injustice you may feel around why some things are easy and some are not. It is just the way it is. And stay away from blaming others when your expectations are not met and you are disappointed in the outcome.

The beauty of this intense energy is an opportunity to tap into your passion for something. Be it music, art, writing, service, cooking, creating, building, designing, gardening, decorating, dancing, humor, healing, acting or something else, there is a spark that wants to reignite that which you may have set aside and not allowed yourself to indulge in for a while or maybe never. Take advantage of this and allow this passion to gain purchase, even if only through baby steps at first. If it is authentic, it will feed your soul and perhaps even lead to something viable as a livelihood.

In the face of intensity, weather drama, environmental challenges, and huge fluctuations in water, fire, wind and earth events, we are truly being called to keep going, no matter what. The outer environment is always a reflection of our inner one. We are making space for transformation and the elements are supporting us to go deep. We are creating a level of intensity that makes it impossible to ignore our physical environment, and thus impossible to ignore our physical participation in life.

As we have suggested before, taking care of your immediate garden and environment with love and respect will have a ripple effect. Having gratitude for how the elements of water, fire, air and earth give us energy and support life will also go a long way towards the balance we are hoping for. Working with the sun instead of reacting against it will honor this enormous agent of change. Transforming our fear of the environment into working with the power of it will only help us in the long run.

Do whatever you can this month to embrace the intensity, change, challenge and transformation of your environment. This will best support you with the theme of “keep going, no matter what”.


October 1: Full Moon in Aries is Thursday, October 1 at 3:05PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

The Full Moon in Aries is Thursday, October 1 at 3:05 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This is the Harvest Moon of the year and it starts the month off with extroverted passion.  What are your dreams? What do YOU want to manifest? An inner fire is lighting up your personal desires and prompting you to be more assertive in speaking your mind. Nevertheless, don’t forget to be kind and to seek harmony and balance in your interactions at the same time. Diplomacy goes a long way to establish cooperative alliances and keep relationships in good alignment.

This is a good opportunity to test your ability to compromise without giving up something personally important. Take action towards a meaningful intention or project even if it is a baby step. Inaction will only cause frustration and physical irritation. If the energy feels too intense, remember to move your body to discharge it. Balance your time between personal alone time and being with others. It is also important not to procrastinate the priorities on your list. Getting things done and making progress will give you confidence and satisfaction.

A harvest moon supports being in gratitude and sending blessings for all the things we are truly grateful for in our lives.

October 1-7: We are navigating the aftermath of the full moon intensity. This is the time frame you may feel the effects of imbalance in your body as you offload stress. You may also feel angry or irritated at the fits and starts of energy. Make sure to stay out of judgment as a way to successfully navigate this time and to keep going no matter what. Refocus daily on what is important and what relationships need nurturing and where your own balance needs support. Don’t take things personally, do your practices, give your body a rest if it needs it, take some personal time away from others and most of all, be kind in the face of adversity, challenge and frustration.

On the other hand, you have the opportunity to rediscover your passion for something. Your personal time should include some indulgence in that passion. If you are a person that always considers others first, you may have to discipline yourself to be a bit selfish, not as a reaction to a feeling of injustice, but as a genuine support to yourself.

For some extra help during this time, join Anna for a remote healing on Monday, October 5, at 7PM MDT 

October 8-15: During this time, we have several opportunities for going deep into a final opportunity for intense emotional clearing, processing of grief, and moving huge amounts of energy for change and transformation. There may be events that happen during this time that challenge your ability to stay focused, neutral and proactive. The tendency will be to want to blame, suffer and give up when the going gets tough.

However, if you keep going no matter what, you will build confidence in yourself and maybe even gain clarity into your personal passion. The mantra for this time is “when one door closes, another one will always open”. These doors may be literal or they may be symbolic and have more to do with your belief systems, attitudes, and attachments to certain behaviors.

Although this time frame is fraught with challenges, it also provides huge sources of energy that can be harvested for inspiration, manifesting something and starting something new. If you can keep yourself in a higher frequency and not get bogged down in negative drama, this can be a very exciting and inspiring time. Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th giving a respite as well as a container for reflection and slowing down. Communication will need to be double and triple checked as well as contracts, negotiations and organized plans.

October 16: New Moon in Libra is Friday, October 16, at 1:31 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). More on this Super New Moon will be sent as an update to our Power Path email list. (sign up here)

October 17-23: Post new moon is an interesting time of inner debate, working through judgment and injustice, and a great opportunity for healing of the relationship between the masculine and the feminine. This can be hard on relationships and the advice here is to watch all projections. Beware of your projections onto others as well as projections on to you. Be as neutral as possible.

The good news is that you can also reframe and redo the foundation of many of your relationships so they are more balanced and supportive to you. You will need to watch for the impulsive tendency to eliminate important relationships in the heat of anger or irritation. Think before you act and take responsibility for your part in any relationship.

This is also a time when grief around regrets, loss and non-specific emotions can surface. Just feel it without the need to attach it to anything specific. It is all part of the big clean out that is necessary in order for us to move on.

October 24-31: We are coming out of the emotional sludge, hopefully with more clarity, conviction, acceptance and tranquility. It is important to find and experience your joy and satisfaction in something. Even if it that something feels like an impractical endeavor, if it brings you joy and satisfaction, it is worthwhile. Practice gratitude for whatever you can be grateful for. Gratitude will keep your energy in the right place and attract the frequency that will keep positive things coming your way. Whenever you find yourself sliding back into suffering or feeling victimized, shift quickly into gratitude.

This time is also about deep reflection and making big permanent decisions about relationships, work, place, home, service, creativity and desires that will have long reaching effects. There is momentum for improving your life though choice and change. Always choose the path of the heart and intuition even if it is not always supported by others. Remember, others may be threatened by your intention for accelerated evolution.
These times were predicted though many ancient prophecies. Let’s make the best of them.

Join Jose for a live 90-minute webinar “Understanding Our Times Though Ancient Prophecies” on October 29, 2020 at 12 noon MDT.

October 31: The second Full Moon this month is a Blue Moon in Taurus on Saturday, October 31 at 8:49AM Mountain Daylight Time. (MDT). More on this Full Moon will be sent as an update to our Power Path email list. (sign up above)
Have a great month!



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Keep going no matter what!

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