Elohim Message via Carol Fitzpatrick

The new energy wave has arrived. Can you feel it? The intensity of the second waveform that began in early March has calmed, and in its wake is a new lighter, brighter softer waveform.
The streaming that follows began with an Eloheim, an angelic being, stepping into my field to say:
This is Your day. It is a time to rejoice, to sing the praises of the Divine Light of God within you. The pranic life force, that which animates all of creation, is reviving all forces of light on your beloved blue planet. The shift of the ages is upon you yet the great turning has already occurred.
All your desires for a better more joy-filled life are in the mix of your fear of the unknown. The inner promptings that you receive (as intuitive knowing) form the bedrock of your sense of safety and security. The events occurring, and the polarities being bandied about, are only attempts to scare you into submission or to pull you into a polarized field designed to distort your reality.
You are to honor your heart.
You are a grand being of light, a messenger sent here by your creator to deliver the message of Love, as the elixir to liberation from fear. Allow no one to interfere in your right to amplify Love beyond measure as a sovereign being of Light.
You are empowered by the conviction your very own heart of hearts. As you make conscious choice, choice that most aligns with your sense of joyous expansion, this is where we shall be with you.
We shall help you to expand and to grow into the inner light of God that you are already, and so shall this come to pass. Claim your birthright, and as you do, know that all is truly well.
In short, continue to stay far above the frey. You’re doing great!
Sending you much love and appreciation for who you are and marveling at how you are amplifying light so beautifully.
Carol Fitzpatrick
Visionary Guide and Soul Coach
Center for Planetary Awakening. Learn more about Carol’s offerings: www.onenessofbeing.org


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