The Unexpected Out of The Blue!

Beloved Rainbow Scribe Family!

On Friday, August 28th, I had my website upgraded to a new platform (mandatory) and in the process some little gremlin put a check mark beside a statement that said that people needed to use a password…(I did not have that checkmarked in the old platform!)

It took about 24 hours to get someone to resolve the issue and meanwhile my email box filled up with emails from those who tried to access by trying to find the right password! My apologies to everyone who tried…all is well now, at least for that particular issue!

Now, I just have to learn how to find certain postings so that I can post the links to my Updates page before the next newsletter today…I am glad that I had the new updates already done ahead of time with the links to them recorded so that by clicking that link, the reader will be shown that page.

I am finding I am having a hard time trying to navigate and edit my pages…it is a new learning curve…first of all, there are new terms for everything and I have to figure out how things function in the new platform as compared to the old one…NOT what I wanted to be doing without warning! 



MELCHIZEDEK – September 2020


Thank you to the following Rainbow Scribe Family for your kind feedback. It is so very much appreciated and makes all the effort worthwhile!
Subject: My thanks

I am very grateful for your spiritual posts. They offer grounding even as the earth shakes. With thanks, Virginia

Bless you, Marlene, for the work you do!  Love from London. Alicia
Thank you, Marlene, for all of the messages.  And thank you to all of the beings who send their love and guidance.  The messages are so full of information that sometimes I am overwhelmed but I’m sure my subconscious keeps track of them.
Love and Light to you! Diane

The messages that you bring forth are a great validation and anchor for me.  When I think I am alone on this path, inevitably a message comes through that feels like it is just for me, like Mary Magdalene’s message this month.  I admire your dedication and ability to face forward and share your gifts and clarity with all of us who need a lift and encouragement to stay focused on our Path.  This great shift is occurring and you are helping us all to stand together globally.  Thank you for your courage!

PS – I love that the messages are back in print so I can ingest them in my own timing and rhythm.  With respect and the biggest of blessings, Victoria

Note from Marlene: You will find the live link to the text message under the video on YouTube…
On another note, in the April 2020 issue of my newsletter, I mentioned this: “My husband has made friends with a squirrel and has been cracking nuts for her almost every day throughout the winter…when he misses a day she comes up in view of the kitchen window to remind him!  (I know, they are notorious hoarders as they gather nuts for the winter but they forget where they stored them!) This past week, he missed several days so the squirrel climbed up the cedar trees in front of my 3rd floor office window yesterday where I could see her so that I would remind! LOL! So cute! 

A few days ago, we were shocked by the appearance of dirt all around one of our potted petunia plants which was in plain sight of our kitchen windows. When my husband was cleaning up the mess after breakfast, he discovered that hidden in the dirt of the petunia plant pot was a lot of hazlenuts in their shells! I think the squirrel was preparing for winter by supplying my husband with the nuts because he would remember where they were and not forget about her during the cold winter! He really is an ‘Animal Whisperer!’ The birds especially, follow him as he walks around our property but his understanding is that they know they are safe from the predator birds when he is around and visible!

Have a wonderful month…just keep on shining your beautiful Light…the world really needs this right now!

In Love and Gratitude,
Your friend, Marlene


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