I Wish I Had Known


I Wish I Had Known

There is so much I want to share with you. Sometimes I wish that I could just reach directly into your heart and download or somehow hyperlink – that’s how intense my yearning is to reach you, to share what the Council of Love has taught and guided me through for more than 30 years. And that is what I am doing every week with this personal letter and Daybreak.

Have you ever said, “Oh God, I wish I’d known – if I’d only known?”
I certainly have – and the problem is those wishes are always in hindsight. 

You know that life is so rapidly changing here on Gaia – that our missions are full on and we’re being called upon to jump into action. And I’m sure you feel ready – but are you? Are you ready to claim the miracle? Are you as fully equipped as you might be – as you want to be?

For instance: Do you deeply, personally know how the Divine Mother creates? About the Divine Creation Formula, how to apply and work with Universal Law? Do you know how just having that one piece of information and knowing how to use it can change all your tomorrows?

The list of what I so deeply want to share with you is long. It’s not just a definition list – it’s a how-to list – that’s what I want to heart share with you. Just a few items on that list include: 

  • The Mother’s Infinite Ocean of Time
  • Divine Authority
  • Divine Qualities
  • Indwelling Spirit
  • Core Issues & Key Motivators
  • Your Personal Spirit Team within and without
  • Your Multidimensional Self
  • Interdimensional Travel

And so much more – in fact, a whole year’s worth of so much more!

You could spend a full year (or a lifetime) studying just one of these elements – but let’s face it Ascension is calling – Nova Earth is calling – the Mother Herself is calling. It’s time to get going!

So are we fast-tracking to ascending and ascension? You bet your boots we are! What’s waiting for you is beyond words and imagination…what many still think is impossible. The Ascended Self MasterClass holds the answers to your questions and how-tos. All of them! 

This is called a MasterClass for a reason…it’s about Mastery, your Mastery. As one of my incredible students, Martin Budogne, put it “I found a bridge to my authentic self…this MasterClass took me to a whole new place.”

Join us as we dig deep and fly high, as your memory returns and you begin to really see that magnitude of who your majesty. Tomas Kianicka who has now joined the COL Teachers program having completed the ASMC shares  “This MasterClass is deep healing and immense expansion. It is a journey that changed me to the core. It is a new way of being.”

My fondest hope, my biggest dream is to have a determined lighthearted circle of Bravehearts who are ready, willing and over the moon excited at what lies ahead. As my dear friend and ASMC grad,Tiziana  Paggiolu, says “I’ve been searching for my soul family since I can remember. Now I’ve found it in this MasterClass.”

This is the circle I’m inviting you to join. This is your circle, your tribe, so you never have to look back and say “Oh, if I’d only known!” again.  

Please come join me for the Ascended Self MasterClass. Say YES! 

From my heart to yours, all my love, xxx Linda


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