Message from the Pleiadians

August 6, 2020
I feel the Pleiadians?
We are here, Sophia.
Hello! I am so very conflicted about talking to you now. The world desperately needs the tech you have. Yet, it’s not available.
We are saddened by your disappointment in our ability to help. We are discouraged as well. The world as it stands, is in such a divisive state. Half of the population refuses to accept an earth-born remedy that has been proven to work. How do you suspect they’d accept a tech from beyond earth?
There are still forces holding power, who are able to shut down what it is they desire to shut down. We will not put the operation at risk. We will arrive Sophia. When there is an open arena for acceptance we will arrive.
Plans are in place right now and we are able to move quickly, once we see an open door.
We feel your disappointment, and it saddens us so. We do not wish to cause negative effect in your life, in anyone’s life. We are sorry for this turn of events.
I don’t know what to say. Many people are seeking help. I cannot make promises or even suggestions for help that never arrives. How will I know when this has changed? When you will arrive?
The moment when the opposition is removed will be evident for all. You will know. At that point, Sophia, we will reach out to you or please, reach out to us. We are ready.
Okay, thank you.
It is an honor, Sophia. Such an honor. Until then.
The conversation ended there.


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