10th July 2020. Mike Quinsey.


10th July 2020. Mike Quinsey.

You may speculate on how it was achieved but the Coronavirus was mainly spread by drones. Its affects will not last much longer but pockets of the virus will tend to keep it going. A remedy for it is on the verge of being discovered and that will clearly help to reduce its potential to spread further. Understand that where some souls have had a bad experience because of the virus, it is as always largely a karmic situation and like earlier instances of this nature is clearing it away..

In the long run you will look back at this period and see that it was a means to an end that provided Humanity with a break that allowed life to be reviewed. The result is that beneficial changes are being made that will propel you into a new Age. Without a major change in your understanding, it would have taken considerably longer to advance from a situation that was holding everything back, but be assured that everything that happens on Earth is closely monitored by us and we would warn you if things got out of hand. However, you have freewill and that means in the ultimate it is your decision as to how matters develop. To this end you have many helpers who try their best to guide you along a path that will ultimately will lead to your Ascension.

You are to be complimented on your progress so far as it has not been easy to set aside the difficulties that you have encountered. Passing the marker has been your major achievement so far and now it will become easier, and as time passes the dark Ones will lose more and more power to interfere with your plans. It is also more noticeable that you are closing down their underground bases and releasing those who have been imprisoned within them. There is a great task ahead of you to clear out all bases that belong to the Illuminati and it is having a positive effect, as the power of the opposition to your “cleansing” is in decline. There is no way now that the dark Ones can restore their power and their supporters are gradually being rounded up to face trial for their misdeeds.

You are enacting out the last days of the power of the Illuminati although their presence may be felt for quite a time to come. There must come a point soon where the Light Forces will become the dominant force upon Earth that will enable them to push ahead with their changes that will benefit mankind. The plans have already been laid and those of the Light who have been waiting in the wings, are ready to go ahead and help with the establishment of a new way of living that will bring peace and happiness to the people of Earth. We know that some souls are impatient to see some positive signs that matters are taking a turn for the better, and it will come for certain but as always we ask you to exercise patience in the meantime.

All souls were briefed before they incarnated as to what they might expect during this period of major changes, and you may not recall it but at least you should intuitively have an idea. It is quite an occasion as all souls are privileged to be on Earth at such a time and be part of an experience that few have encountered before. It is the pinnacle of your lives and when you look back you will be so pleased you were part of it. It has taken many lives to reach this conclusion and those of you that are ready to ascend are to be congratulated upon your success. Whilst you have received much support throughout your many lives, success has ultimately been down to your efforts and application to succeed.

Old problems have surfaced to be cleared and you are currently in the midst of dealing with your racial problems. Since the end of the last war when many immigrants arrived in your countries many have wrestled with the problem of integration and never quite overcome the prejudice against people that are different to those in your homeland. You are getting there with a lot of soul searching and we would reiterate what we recently told you that you have all taken on incarnations into different countries as part of extending your understanding of the various and different ways people live and practice their beliefs. 

One often repeated question relating to Ascension is in respect of what level of evolution people have to reach to be sure of ascending. Thinking in terms of a percentage it is 51% and over, in other words as long as you are on the plus side you are considered as already on the path. You cannot calculate where exactly you are but if you know yourself well you will have a pretty good idea of where you stand. The ideal situation would be where you practise your beliefs with a view to always improving yourself and as we have mentioned before, it is necessary to aim for a level where you can treat all people alike, as souls that are learning as they go through life and see only their goodness and potential to become one who can practise Universal Love. As Beings who have emotions there is always a chance you may let your guard down and drop your level of vibrations, but you can walk away from arguments or any situation that may have an adverse effect on you.  You might have lost your temper at times but with practise and determination you will overcome such a possibility.

Spirit wish to see as many souls as possible Ascending and every help is given to those who are progressing in that direction. If you feel ready to succeed and devote your time to preparing yourself there is no doubt that you will ascend. Do not concern yourself too much about other people as in the ultimate every soul has to make its own path to success and there will come a day when all will have succeeded. People have to take the path that is best suited to their needs and that inevitably means the parting of the ways for some of them.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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