Solstice & Eclipse Energies to Anchor in the Highest Timelineby Jenny Schiltz | Jun 18, 2020


Solstice & Eclipse Energies to Anchor in the Highest Timeline

I am writing to share the information that I received in and out of the dream state. The other night I was deep in a dream and my dog started to jump on me to wake me as she often does when it is important that I wake and remember.

I sat up in bed and recalled everything I had been shown. My team was showing me the importance of the June Solstice, New Moon and Eclipse this weekend. They showed it as a massive gateway, a portal that allows in beautiful, high energy that has the potential to shift everything within ourselves and within the collective. The trick of course is for us to accept and utilize this energy.

This portal is an opportunity to heal all that is not heart based within, all that is buried, hidden and needs healing. All that no longer works and no longer aligns with who you are becoming. It is an opportunity to heal the Ancestral DNA and the past life imprint of trauma, pain, loss and lack. Anything that has caused us to separate from self, others and from Source.

With focused intention we can get a tremendous amount of healing done during this jam-packed weekend. Now is the time to ask for any unseen patterns to make themselves known so that you may work through them.  Now is the time to really see the truth behind things. This is the time that we can align into the highest version of self that you are able to.

It is also a beautiful time to use this portal as an opportunity to tap into creation and become clear on what it is that you are wanting to create in this new space. Often it is simultaneous, the letting go of what no longer works while calling in and manifesting what will. Dream, play, create, and dig deep within to heal all that is not aligned with your highest joy.

They explained that during this eclipse corridor many facades and personas will fade. More and more people will no longer strive to live up to another’s definition or another’s preference for being. Instead, for those that choose to be profoundly authentic, they will find incredible support for this choice within and without.

In the dream they showed me the ones on earth acting as anchor points of the highest timeline and grid. The ones that have been accessing, weaving, building, and anchoring the light for a long time. These ones are in pivotal locations, holding tremendous light often in areas that could be considered dense. You know who you are and the work that you have been doing. Much gratitude to all of you. Each of these anchor points were connected through energy, making a beautiful pattern. It really showed me that there are no accidents as far as locations.

Then they showed me all the ones that are beginning to access the light and how when they connect in, they are also actively assisting the completion of the highest timeline and connecting in with the others that consistently anchor.  Each person that opens themselves as a conduit and becomes an anchor not only helps reinforce the highest timeline, but it also improves within themselves the amount of light able to flow through them.

They explained to me that it is more important than ever for each person that is able to connect in this way. We can feel that there are two distinct realities taking place on our earth right now. It really is faith vs fear.  They showed me that the strongest and greatest energy is what determines the collective timeline and the shifting of what we view as reality. With all the turmoil in the world it is more important than ever for us to use our will and intent to purposely create the world that we do want. This potent time with the Solstice, New Moon and Eclipse are perfect times to anchor tremendous amounts of light.

For all that resonate with this piece but are unsure of how to assist here are simple instructions that can be changed to suit you and your way of being.

Relax and come into stillness within your heart center. (You can do this inside or outside. Play with it to find what feels most natural for you.)

Command your crown to open

Send a hollow tube from your heart space up to Source and down into the center of the earth.

Once this is done, state your intention to anchor the light (information) into the highest timeline.

Allow yourself to be the conduit and fill your entire being with light.

From this space send out the energy along the grid lines and see if you are able to feel the others that are anchor points. Connect and create bridges.

Surround the entire planet in this energy. They showed me the energy as a beautiful blue crystalline wave bringing unconditional love and higher knowledge to the world.

I asked if this should be a coordinated effort and was told no, that many people connecting this way at different times and locations is immensely powerful. It felt as if it could become wave after wave of energy blanketing the planet.

By surrounding the planet in this energy, we help to give people a choice, particularly when they are lost in fear. It is like creating a beacon for another to follow. The more of us that connect and anchor in this light, the stronger the beacon becomes.

I hope that this information finds you well and uncovering your purest self. I am sending you all lots of love. I appreciate all that share this blog and support the work.

Happy Solstice, Eclipse & New Moon!

Jenny Schiltz

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