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Friday, June 12, 2020

Alexandrian Kosmos – A Cosmology of our Solar System’s Integration into the Universal Community

Alexandrian Kosmos uses the Astrology of the Future, Metastrology, to forecast the Flow of the Universal Energies for the Lightworker. Metastrology will astound you with its accuracy and insight for our entry into the 5th Dimension and Universal Community!

The Endless Summer

The existence of – and our Presence within – the NOW moment is a declaration, a verb, and an illumination of Life.  NOW is leading us NOW to decide and to define what it is means to be human in the world. 

As we draw upon the wisdom of this very NOW moment, we see that all of humanity is confined as One within a unique moment of Space, Time and Motion upon this traveling planet.  We get it.  We understand that all that is occurring AS IT IS NOW is Creating a new rhythm of NOW – a New Frequency.  The world is in Transition.

Do we put the brakes on creation of a “new normal” of NOW? Do we choose to remain in the past by simply falling back into the “old normal” as if nothing has changed, when in our hearts we Know that everything has changed?  It’s obvious, isn’t it?  This is humanity’s present choice and dilemma.

These days of June 2020 are not leading us to revive and relive the old ways and ideas and programs and structures of the past.  Rather, these days of June 2020 are leading us to focus and concentrate upon our definition of what it means to be a human upon Mother Earth!

Will we promote the individuality of each human being’s unique Soul’s Plan and potential in the world?  Or, does humanity’s focus and priority continue to be one of slavery and survival through the systems designed to keep us believing that our Soul’s Plan and priority is purely economic.  

Humanity at large believes that they are their stuff. “If I lose my stuff, who will I be?”

Whenever our economic purpose supersedes our Soul’s Plan and potential, we lose the NOW Moment to fears of the Future …”How will I survive?”  

In that space of survival fear, we are swept away.  In that space there is no feeling of safety.  We forget what it truly means to be human in the world while remaining connected with everything and everyone upon Mother Earth able to emerge and merge with everything and everyone in the Universe!

Humanity’s economic purpose is designed to develop self-responsibility.  Debt and living beyond our means is designed to enslave us. Imagine what could be accomplished if we focused on the Soul’s Plan as deeply as we focus on paying creditors!

While humanity seeks to determine whether to resolve and redefine what it means to be human upon planet Earth, Mother Earth and Her Solar System are already advancing upon their own course and direction within the Universe.  Mother Earth and her Solar System are NOW organically creating their own new rhythm – new frequency – of NOW!  Will you align to this new organic frequency?

As we go within – as we focus on the NOW Moment – we can see, hear, and feel the unique Presence of Now. In those Now Moments we find safety.  Anytime and anywhere we go within! Trusting NOW is an action that illuminates our entire world – one human being at a time, creating a wave of Light upon Mother Earth. 

Summer 2020 makes its annual appearance on June 20, 2020.  Most will not realize that humanity is about to begin The Endless Summer. 

Mother Earth’s northern hemisphere will experience the season of summer.  Her southern hemisphere moves to winter.  There is one thing different in this configuration.  What will be different will be Mother Earth and her Solar System revealing the power of the new rhythm – the new organic frequency – of the New NOW.

Summer will linger into autumn. Autumn then leads us towards the northern hemisphere’s winter. But will winter’s transition produce the result of spring? 

If humanity remains nebulous to the Truth of it’s dependence upon Mother Earth, then everything and everyone on Earth will remain within the confines of The Endless Summer – never growing up and never gaining the maturity by accepting responsibility for our experience and expansion into and within the Galactic Universe!  Evolution of humanity will be stymied by humanity.  No one else!

From August 13, 2020 to March 28, 2022 the Universal Energies will be producing an entirely UnSettled period of experience for humanity. The result of this UnSettling will ultimately lead to Mother Earth’s complete balance within the 5D Universe from March 29, 2022 to November 20, 2023.

What we NOW see, hear, and feel as increased chaos and confusion upon the world will continue to intensify. When – and if – we choose to release ourselves – to surrender all that has come before in order to create anew and move forward in our self-responsibility.  Then and only then – will humanity join Mother Earth and the entire Cosmos in fulfilling God/dess’ Divine Plan to illuminate ALL Life within the Universe’s Light, Love, and Harmony!

Peace and blessings and Divine Illumination in Oneness.  Namaste.

Received and written, edited and shared in Co-creation, Alexandar Kosmos and Brenda Garcia.  


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