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I want to share with you some mind expanding information. One of the many, many things I love about giving QHHT sessions is coming up with the best possible questions I can to help the client uncover the deepest and most profound information about themself. Truly the exploration of the human mind is the most fascinating. In a QHHT session I never know ahead of time what lifetime or experience a client will have, what information their High Self will share.

The session segment I am sharing with you today is extraordinary. The client came into the session wondering about her challenging childhood, paranormal experiences and health issues. She had to retire from her profession as a hairdresser due to an accident where she broke her back.

Her session starts out in a lifetime in the Middle Ages. She belongs to a royal family and is a young woman who sneaks down to the village market because she loves being with the people. She has great love for all. She meets a handsome young man but cannot have a life with him because he isn’t of her stature, She marries out of duty and takes on much responsibility while her husband the king is fighting in war.

After that life we make the transition to what normally is the High Self to ask her prepared list of questions and scan the body. Immediately her voice shifts tone. Now, that is normal in QHHT sessions. The High Self has its’ own vibration and frequency. Therefore almost everyone will experience a shift in how their voice sounds. It’s pretty cool! Some changes are very subtle; a little softer or louder than their normal voice. Some are very different; I’ve had a client from Brazil have a High Self who spoke with a thick Irish accent! You just never know until that portion of the session begins.

This client’s voice became very mechanical sounding. This happens in sessions but is pretty rare. When this has happened before and I ask them why the voice has shifted this way, the High self will say it’s just how their energy expresses through the vocal cords. It’s always fascinating! And although mechanical sounding, her voice also had a lightness and joyfullness about it.

We proceeded as normal, asking for a scan of her body and I began to ask her questions. Remember this is the client speaking but in a very relaxed state she can reach much deeper knowledge than in her awake and aware state. Around 1:20 into the session she begins to give information about The earth shifting, our ways of creating experiences. She goes deeper into our perception of reality, the molecular base of that as a simulation. Please don’t take that to be malevolent A.I. There was none of that information or feeling that went with this session. It was just a much broader view of creation and life but solidly based in love, experience and God/Source.

We learn that the information coming through is not the client’s High Self but a bigger aspect of her called The Designer! It explains it’s role along with others called The Engineers who help us to create our experiences. It is a lot to unpack! I was trying my best to simultaneously understand the depth of information The Designer was giving and think of questions to ask it! Again, an aspect of my job I love! Now, a few days later, I’ve listened to this session 4 times and have about 1,000 more questions for The Designer! 😂 I hope you enjoy this session as much as I have. Please share this with others. In doing so maybe we can help all of our “spinning tops” to rotate together for the collective. ❤️As an added surprise my dear teacher, Dolores Cannon comes in at the end.

Much Love,


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