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Summary of Brenda’s May 15, 2020, channeled “Creation Energies” show at BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: Instead of creating globally, this is a time of self-protection and creation. Many of you are internalizing this global dark night of the soul. Such is no longer your place. Perhaps you would like to return to the safety bubble you used in earlier transition phases. For your current role is to discover who you are, determine your needs, and create or fulfill those needs.

“You in the Raw” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestryCreations.com.

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Heartache seems to radiate from your entire being. You likely feel lonely, sad, perhaps even angry for your life should not be like this. Too much of your day revolves around concern about COVID-19 or upset with those who are concerned. This was to be your life of joy and peace. So it will be.

What you are now experiencing is similar to your personal dark night of the soul magnified multiple times by those with whom you are connected. Perhaps you do not understand our last phrase for you assumed your earth connections included family, friends, and co-workers. Such is true. But there is an additional group – your earth rebuild cadre.

It does not matter if you have met the earth rebuild multitudes attached to you via your frequency and role. For you are so closely aligned, you feel their pain.

Your group attachment experiences are a bit like the flu. When you have the flu, your entire being feels tired and listless even though only some parts of your physical body are affected. Such is so because your physical being is one. So it is for the entirety of everything. More importantly, for this message, so it is especially for those in your rebuild group.

Some in your rebuild group will be the leaders, the demonstrators, if you will. But that does not subtract from the input of all who are part of the group.

Because many members of your rebuild group are now in their dark night of the soul, you are experiencing some of their fears and pain.

Perhaps it is time for you to place yourself in a safety bubble. Such is your choice depending on your level of discomfort and your need to create something that is not part of your rebuild group role.

We have long prophesied that once 3D structures are destroyed, you will rebuild with love and joy. So it is you have your personal role, as well as a group rebuild role. For without that group process, the earth rebuild could not happen in your lifetime or many earth lifetimes.

In 3D, each building block was placed by a single generation until the process was complete. You, en masse, were not interested in a longterm rebuild. So it is you decided before birth what you wished to create both personally and globally. Those who wanted to participate in your global rebuild area found your frequency and attached their thoughts and actions to that rebuild.

You are being pulled in at least two directions. Your personal needs and your group rebuild creations. At the same time, many in your rebuild group are just beginning their dark night of the soul. A confusing time. For you have a need to run with new ideas, even though you feel listless, perhaps exhausted.

The energies now pummeling the earth are adding to your confusion. For these new energies are emphasizing love and acceptance, yet, you feel stymied at every turn. Because of COVID-19, you can do this, but not that. Your world seems limited even though this downtime allows you to adjust your inner being to your new world.

You are like a racehorse not allowed to race.

You will achieve all you wish to achieve – both personally and within your rebuild team as soon as your being is ready to do so. For if you race too far ahead of your team, you will lose some of your rebuild interest. And if you delay too long in creating your personal wants and needs, you will lose interest in everything.

So it is we strongly suggest you visualize what you would like to create personally. Your team build is yet to materialize.

Reward yourself with a short run of creativity if you will. Similar to allowing a racehorse an all-out race around the track without other horses. Run free with your personal creations. Knowing you may need to isolate yourself from your team to do so.

For those rebuild team members experiencing their dark night of their soul have little to do with you. They are in a phase you completed long ago. There is no need for you to revert to that phase to placate those members who would like you to carry their burdens.

Carrying the emotional burdens of others stops you from creating your personal dreams. The group rebuild will happen when it is time to do so.

Stop caretaking your rebuild group members.

Focus on your rewards, and you will be in the right place. Focus on the fears of your rebuild team, and you will lose your creative edge and likely, interest.

Enjoy your life. Ignore the COVID-19 fears – not in terms of self-protection, but in the creation of your new life in a new being. Reward yourself. It is past time to do so. So be it. Amen.

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