Matt Kahn


Dear ,

Ascension is already happening.

The completion of it occurs on multiple timelines depending upon how aligned you are with faith versus fear.

The more often you love your most innocent parts and accept the existence of your most desperate insufferable aspects, the more steadily and miraculously you shift from timelines of ascension to timelines of ascension’s completion.

This means many are still being prepared for ascension, just as others are in the process of ascending. Meanwhile, some have already ascended, whether they have realized it or not.

In a surprising twist of fate, you don’t actually have to know you’ve ascended in order to ascend.

You just have to take the journey you’re already on to discover the difference between true abiding happiness and the things you thought would make you happier.

Please enjoy this heart-warming newsletter and all the gifts it provides.

Sending infinite waves of love — from my heart to yours.

All For Love,



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