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Alexandrian Kosmos – A Cosmology of our Solar System’s Integration into the Universal Community

Alexandrian Kosmos uses the Astrology of the Future, Metastrology, to forecast the Flow of the Universal Energies for the Lightworker. Metastrology will astound you with its accuracy and insight for our entry into the 5th Dimension and Universal Community!

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The Revealing of Discovery

You have the opportunity to re-make, re-do and re-Create your entire world!
The Time of Change and Transformation has come.  Are you open to the opportunity of re-making, re-doing and re-creating your Timelines for interacting within your New Reality?  What would make you hesitate and become reluctant to see and Be within The New Reality? Could it be that 3D reality is quickly vanishing in relevance; thereby forcing humanity to re-make, re-do and re-create our New World?

The 3D matrix of our former reality is rapidly collapsing and disintegrating.  This will continue to occur until we all shift to re-make, re-do and re-create our entire world!

The so called leadership of the 3D matrix will attempt to replicate what has come before with its former parameters. Lightworkers and Awakened Ones will rise to assist humanity out of the former world of comparison, competition, judgment and fear.

Mother Earth’s 5th Dimensional Vibratory Frequency has been anchoring us into the Universe’s 5D Matrix since March 27, 2017. 5th Dimensional Life is now emerging within Mother Earth’s 5D Matrix!

Humanity continues to adjust and acclimate to these Divine influxes of energy. Ultimately, we are beginning to eliminate our former 3D structures, ideas and concepts around merely surviving on Earth to finally aligning with and revealing our Soul’s 5th Dimensional Plan and Purpose!

Slowly, but surely, the 3rd Dimensional beliefs, modes and methods and ways of being will vanish.  This process over time will lead us to fostering humanity’s maturity and Unity for Life within the 5D Universe!

Our 5D learning will occur by unlearning what we think we know.  Unlearning will not be an instantaneous process. Rather, by curiously and openly addressing our issues of need with new approaches, humanity will be led towards achievements and wonders previously not considered possible.

Mother Earth and the 5th Dimensional Universe are the anchors of everything we will serve to accomplish in our New Reality! In order to access your contribution, it will require discovering what’s truly inside of your Soul’s Plan, nothing else!

No one person has all the answers and proper responses to every issue we now face.  TOGETHER united in Oneness we have the answers – step by step – to prioritize and finalize our collective process of re-making, re-doing and re-creating our entire world!

As you can truly see, hear, and feel, dear Ones, the leadership of the 3D matrix seeks only to replicate the former parameters, built upon technology, to further control humanity with technology!

Our hopes to resolve the dilemma of humanity’s exit from the 3D matrix will come through the permission that We grant to our individual Hearts and Souls to enjoin with the Collective 5D Matrix to be and become the 5D Matrix!

From June 25, 2020 through December 30, 2020, there will be an even greater need for humanity to discover and develop the necessary Universal Mindset – our understanding and acknowledgment of humanity not being a “chosen” race – or the only race of Beings in our Great Universe.  More members of the human race must recognize humanity as a participating member within the Universe’s 5D Matrix!

Everything is in a process of Change and Transformation!

Change – or be changed – will seem like the mantra of humanity for the next several years. This is the Time of The Revealing of Discovery.

We will learn – and we will re-member – who we are individually, as well as collectively, on Earth.  Humanity will merge and emerge as a mature race with the contribution of our individual Hearts and Souls into the Collective Heart and Soul of humanity upon Mother Earth within the 5D Matrix!  


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