What they’re not telling you – about a lot of things

What they’re not telling you – about a lot of things

Several days ago, we learned that our magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You had been slated by a drive-time radio host in Australia, and that his statements led to the magazine being pulled from two store chains: Coles and Woolworths.

Now, I have to tell you: this is not really our fight. But it raises a number of issues about wholesale censorship now occurring in all the media you read, which is why I bring this up.

You may or may not know that What Doctors Don’t Tell You, which my husband Bryan Hubbard and I have published in some form in the UK and the US for 30 years, is also licensed by foreign publishers for release in 16 other countries. They are obliged to publish at least 80 per cent of our content.

One of the new licensees was Nuclear Media in Australia.

Stirring up outrage
The radio host in question, Ben Fordham, an ex-sports reporter, is a shock jock. His job is to slap awake his listeners during their morning commute, so he’s on the lookout for anything he can use to rustle up a campaign of outrage.

Taking a cue from Ben’s campaign, here’s what the website of his radio station 2GB recently wrote about us:

“The magazine ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’ is stacked page-to-page with conspiracies, dangerous misinformation and dodgy medical advice.

“On the front page, hydrogen gas is advocated as a heart disease treatment, and it warns of dangers associated with 5G and Wi-Fi networks.

“The magazine’s website contains further unfounded claims linking vaccines with autism.”

That so-called ‘dodgy information’ of ours largely derives from medical and scientific journals. Although written for consumers, each issue of WDDTY is packed with hundreds of medical references, placed at the bottom of each article.

Every article is meticulously checked by a production team, with our chief copyeditor a PhD from Imperial College, London, one of the top science universities in the world. She also edits many prestigious medical journals, and one of her jobs with us is to check every last medical fact and reference, which she does painstakingly.
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Connecting and Healing through the Power of Eight®

Governments around the world are telling us to ‘self-isolate’ – to stay home from all our usual gatherings and social activities.

I know from my research that isolation and lack of connection can lower the immune system, so I have started this special group page: Connecting and Healing through the Power of Eight®, to provide daily uplifting memes and suggestions for these challenging times.

I’ll also help and encourage you to set up Power of Eight® groups with people in your time zones so that if you can’t go out at present, you have a lovely group of new friends to support and connect with you.

Already loads of people have joined this group and are busy setting up their Power of Eight® groups all around the world.

To join, visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1068844430161141

Weekly intention to limit the spread of COVID-19

Join me for a free LIVE Intention Experiment to heal us all from COVID-19 on:

Wednesday, May 6, 2020
10am PDT (US) / 1pm EDT (US)/ 5pm BST/ 6PM CEST

Each week, during my broadcast, I not only focus on containing the spread of the virus, but also calming the fear and hysteria surrounding it (and the knock-on effect on food supplies, businesses, etc). And I also discuss some of the potentially positive aspects of this international crisis as an opportunity for a massive re-set of our entire way of life.

To join, simply visit my Facebook page at the designated time: https://www.facebook.com/LynneMcTaggart2011/

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