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Sand for the pearl

Remember when you are with another being, either in thought or physically, and the faintest glimmer of irritation arises within you, this experience is most certainly for you.

It is most certainly for the you that you think you are, individually. This apparent irritant has come to you as a gift. It is penetrating into your false self of nothingness, the screen you have held up between you and reality. Every glimmer of irritation is an opportunity for clarity.

Here is the temptation. Look at the temptation in these situations. You look at one you believe to be the source of these irritating feelings. You attribute the feeling of irritation to that which you believe to be deficient in them. If you are acting “nicer,” you attribute the feeling of irritation to the fact that, unfortunately, that person is just not as awake and clear as you are.

Let’s take a moment for a giggle and a ha-ha. Now let’s look in the mirror.

If you are truly believing that another one can be deficient, you are still strongly believing that you, as a separate entity, are deficient. You are fighting truth. Fighting truth is exhausting.

If you are truly believing that another one just isn’t there yet, and how unfortunate next to your relative state of clarity, you are still strongly believing that you aren’t there yet and perhaps never will reach clarity.

What we’re believing is true about another separate self is a disguise for what we’re afraid to see that we still believe about ourselves.

How will I take action without beliefs? How will I know the state of another, in order to be helpful, without that mechanism that tells me what’s wrong?

Ah, here’s the heart of the question. You allow it to come to you and through you, but there is no lasting belief about another because you know that there is no separate other. You do not invent elaborate stories about the condition of said separate other, and you do not project any kind of future for them.

Without projecting a future, how will I let us leap into it?

It’s an allowing, right? The allowing is who you are. There is nothing other than that–only illusions that would obscure your vision. If you get past the how and see your deep desire to see truly, to function in harmony with everyone, then you’re right in the middle of it, and what you need gets delivered to you in every moment. There is no need to project from here when you are so well cared for.

Photo by Martin Sattler on Unsplash



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