Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



Dear Ones, you are experiential beings. This means that you learn and grow through having your own experiences. This explains why you so rarely adjust course from someone telling you to do something. You will usually need to trying something yourself in order for you to have the full energetic experience of it. That is exactly why you have bodies and are existing in the realm of physicality.

As you move forward into the next phase of your incarnation, we highly encourage you to embrace the value of experience for yourselves and for others. As pioneers as you move forward into the new there is much that cannot be discovered without experience, as experience is what hones your path and allows you to continually redirect into your true preferences and highest potentials.

As you ease up the expectations on yourself to get it perfect and understand the true value lies in the experience itself, you will find your growth and knowing of yourself will speed up exponentially, as it will in others, as well. Giving yourself full permission to explore and experience will allow you to feel the true joy of freedom and self expression, which is the deeply satisfying part of your soul’s journey. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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