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Hi All,

My friend Summer Bacon is an amazing trance medium who brings through a beautiful spirit, Dr. Peebles who is a spokesperson for the “band of angels” as he says. Summer and I frequently bring through similar information in our own ways and through both of us the angels continue to focus on the good coming out of this pandemic for our entire world.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so eloquently put as in this heartfelt letter from Summer today. Read it for hope, encouragement, and inspiration.

If you want to listen to the original channeling, the

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The written version is available here.

Enjoy… Peace, love, and well-being to all of you,

The good things that I have been shown
By Summer Bacon

So, when I did the channeling, on March 20, 2020, of Dr. Peebles speaking about the coronavirus, we were not yet being socially isolated by law in Arizona. Afterwards, I was encouraged by two people (who love and care about me very much, and believe in my work with Dr. Peebles) to do Open Sessions via Zoom. We all spent many hours to see if that was a viable option, which is was and still is.

But, strangely enough, I found that I could not find interest in doing a session. No amount of money or notoriety could get me excited about doing it.

I began to feel like something was wrong with me. Why couldn’t I conjure up the desire to help people by channeling Dr. Peebles, especially at this time?

Last Friday morning, I sat in prayer as I do every single morning, and talked to Dr. Peebles. Although I was tired from the week’s work, and Friday is my day off from channeling, I thought if I wasn’t going to do an online session, then perhaps I could, at the very least, channel another mp3 message from Dr. Peebles. So I said to him, “I am willing to channel you today. What would you like to share with everyone at this time?”

My body convulsed as it does when I go into trance, and Dr. Peebles came through and said simply, “Nothing,” and then he left.

I came out of trance and laughed. “Nothing?” I said aloud, raising my hands to the heavens in stunned disbelief, “Um, Dr. Peebles, that’s not like you. It’s not too often that you have nothing to say.”

Then I heard him say, “I have nothing to say, because it is not time to say anything. This is not a time to give people fish. It is a time for them to cast their nets,” and then he added, “And you, Summer, need to rest.”

He proceeded to tell me that it was time, more than ever, for people to go inside when they cannot go outside, and he explained that he could not disturb this important period of introspection in our lives. He showed me many things.

He showed me that we are learning that We Need Each Other. This is not necessarily related to having to isolate in order to protect each other from the coronavirus, but rather we are learning through the isolation how much we need each other. The isolation and social distancing is amplifying our desire to be closer to one another.

And then Dr. Peebles told me about, and showed me, many things that we will come to learn from this experience…

How much we desire human contact.
We will be so starved for human touch, than many of us will be racing into each others’ arms in great embraces that will be joyfully shared on social media. (He actually showed me visions of social media photos.) We won’t take a high-five, fist-bump, handshake, or even standing in line close together at the grocery store for granted ever again.

However, he also shared with me, that there will be some who will come out of this more deeply enmeshed in fear, permanently scarred by the fear of viruses and human contact in general. We must be gentle and sensitive towards these individuals always, as many of them are not going to heal in this lifetime.

How, through our connectedness, we are healing Mother Earth.
He showed me how we are going to revel in the beauty and wonder of the earth’s restoration that has occurred during this time, and that there will be global groups forming to work together (even more so than before this time) in preserving our beautiful Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Animals will be more respected and honored, as we marvel at their appearances again in our lives, on our lands, and in our oceans. Mother Earth will become our teacher of gentleness and recovery, and we will want to traipse across the land more gently than ever before. More people than ever will be planting gardens, and spending more time outdoors in nature.

How heads of states/countries/corporations/families will come to discover that they need those that they believe are “beneath” them.
There will be those in places of financial and physical “power” who will have great epiphanies about how wealth and power does not guarantee nor buy health and true friendship.

There will be many who will publicly fully disclose how frightened they were, and will be offering their monies to the rebuilding of the land/communities/businesses, as these kinds of offerings will become trends.

How those we believe are of lesser service to our society (i.e. grocery store employees, farm workers and others) keep this world turning.
There will be more reverence for those who make, distribute, and sell the food and widgets that keep our world running smoothly. And there will be a push to make changes to assure that they have increased and improved benefits and wages.

How the educational system will change.
People will be in discussion about how to change the educational system to better accommodate the growing needs of our children. People will be more inclined to follow “child lead education” where the child shows the parent/teacher what they are ready to learn, rather than having particular subjects forced upon them because they are in a particular age group. More children than ever before will continue to be home schooled, and families will restructure their homes and schedules to accommodate this.

There will be cease fires.
Not from politicians, but between gangs and other “violent” communities who will see the power in promoting love, not war. There will be more cooperation to rebuild communities.

How we will put down our cell phones and enjoy more actual face time together.
No explanation needed for this one.

How retail will come back strongly.
We are going to want to return to a world that sells and distributes things through retail stores, because we are going to want to have that tangible connection with each other, and with things (touching the items in the displays). Malls and food courts will revive.

How many will realize that working from home and being connected with family and not spending hours on the freeway/highway/toll roads is a relief and a joy.
Many who have been working from home during this time will turn to their bosses and say, “Well, I’ve been working from home, and your business has not fallen apart. I’d like to continue working from home,” and many employers will agree.

How a cup of coffee shared with a neighbor is a luxury that surpasses any night out on the town.
And how learning about each other, listening to each other, loving one another (no matter what nationality, skin color, religious belief, political affiliation, music lover or not, gluten-free, vegan, meat eater, sexual orientation, etc.) is what we are here to do.

#WeNeedEachOther. The coronavirus knows no barriers, borders or boundaries. It does not know or care how much money you make or what religion or nationality or political affiliation or skin color you are. It is a great teacher that we are all one race: the human race, made of flesh and blood.

Dr. Peebles has said that the coronavirus is “female.”
When I heard this I wondered…are women once again being put in a place of blame and shame? So now this coronavirus is the fault of the female?

I asked Dr. Peebles about this, and he showed me that the movement of the female coronavirus was equivalent to the movement of the Divine Feminine in the world, slowly, silently kicking ass, forcing us to clean up after ourselves, become more aware of each other, get motivated to live our true dreams, and learn how much We Need Each Other.

Social distancing is forcing us to be more aware of each other.
We were already socially isolating ourselves before all of this happened. Looking at our cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets. Visits to the mall and food courts replaced with Amazon and food prep kit deliveries. Virtual reality. Self-driving cars. Artificial Intelligence. Need I say more?

Social distancing is forcing us to become acutely aware of one another and awaken. We look each other in the eye as we do the 6 feet apart dance together, often communicating non-verbally and even psychically. Isn’t it interesting to see how aware everyone is of each other during this social distancing? In the past someone might brush past you, knocking your Starbucks coffee out of your hand, with no awareness whatsoever. Now, face mask and all, they look you in the eye…and we communicate energetically, telepathically, and sometimes verbally, as we honor the space between us. There’s something oddly loving in that experience of cooperation. We are actually resurrecting our telepathic and psychic skills during this time. Plus, we are sitting in prayer more often, thinking of loved ones who are far away and yearning to be with them again. The energy of LOVE is being magnified through our yearning to be together again.

Here is something else I was shown.
I have enjoyed hearing Dr. Peebles share with me about what the world will look like when all of this is over. He is, after all, the eternal optimist who only sees LOVE as the bottom line of any of our experiences on earth.

“But,” I cried, “What about all of the people who have lost their jobs and businesses? What about all of the people who don’t have any food or money, or are facing losing their homes?” I admittedly have shed many tears thinking about those who are less fortunate at this time, and have felt helpless, inadequate and angry about what they must be enduring.

Dr. Peebles assured me, “That is their journey, but it is not yours. Pray for them, love them, acknowledge them, help them when the opportunities arise, but you do not have to empathically go through their experiences with them every day. Your job, Summer, is to have gratitude for what you have today.”

Then he spoke about creativity and the resilience of the human spirit. “Many of those people will find resourceful ways to recreate their lives. They will break the restrictive paradigms of their existence, and find more wonderful ways to live. They will help and assist one another, create new businesses and more. Hearts will open, and people will pour their loving time and attention in rebuilding the world around them in miraculous ways. Love will prevail.”

We are not going back to our normal lives.
We are going to build an extraordinary new world.
Dr. Peebles has shown me many beautiful pictures of our new world, where we rejoice in our opportunities to work together in peace, love and harmony, as we awaken and move into a new awareness of ourselves and life around us, and how much We Need Each Other.

Here’s what I have learned.
This time can be unbearably tough for us empaths to endure. We tend to feel the pain and fears of others. I know that I have, and sometimes it has felt crushing. Then, one day, when I was feeling especially helpless, desiring to wipe away everyone’s tears, and fix all of their financial problems, etc. I said, “God, what can I do for you today? If you need me to help someone, please let me know. I am at your service.”

Then I went to the grocery store. Just as I was about to enter the store I heard a woman’s voice, “Summer? Is that you?” A young woman was approaching me, stopping short at the 6 foot mark between us. I could feel our desire to hug each other. I recognized her as being a client who I’d met only once in person, but couldn’t remember her name. We chatted a bit, and then I was compelled to ask her, “How are you doing? Do you have everything you need?” She nodded a bit sadly and said, “Yes, I’m okay. I’m just trying to get enough food delivery jobs so that I can save enough gas money to go and see my children.” This was before social isolation was mandatory, and I knew that her opportunity to do that wouldn’t last long. I said, “Wait here. I’m going to get some groceries, and then we’ll go to the bank and I will give you the money you need. You need to go and see your children NOW.” She burst into tears and said, “Wh-at? Really? I was just…over there…” she point at a distance, “…and I prayed to God that if there was anyone to help me, I could really use the help.”

By asking what we can do for God today, we are putting faith and trust in knowing that we are exactly where we need to be at any given time. We don’t have to figure out how to put an end to the pain and suffering in the world. God knows how to do that. All we need is to be of service when called upon.

Because, We Need Each Other.

I keep seeing people (not long from now) emerging from their cocoons, a little shell-shocked, but eyes opened in wonder at the world, and wearing a new coat of many colors like a butterfly. I believe in the beauty of what this time period is doing in unifying this very diverse school called planet earth. There is suddenly unity in the diversity that I pray will continue to grow from this day forward. As we come out of our cocoons, I pray that we gently help one another to unfold our butterfly wings as we warm ourselves in the light of truth and revel in this odd peace that has been created on our beautiful Mother Earth. And, I pray and hope that we come together sharing deep, warm and loving hugs, real and respectful conversation, and a sense of gratitude for what we have had all along that can never be taken from us, can never be caged or locked away, i.e. LOVE everlasting.

God bless you, indeed!


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