Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


We ask you to connect with that story you revert back to, over and again, about yourself or your life. This could be what you consider to be your blockage.

What if that story didn’t exist? What would you do? How different would your life be? How would you feel?

What we want you to understand is, if a problem exists so does the potential for creation beyond it. If you can start to connect with what life would feel like if that issue didn’t exist, there is a timeline that contains that reality.

So withdraw your energy from what you have wrestled with for so long. How big is the accumulation of energy you have spent engaging with what is unwanted? What if you called back all of that energy and directed it toward creation? How much momentum would you have?

What if believing you are blocked is the blockage? If you were in a maze and hit a dead end, you would not continue to push against the walls that don’t lead anywhere. You would simply change your focus and your direction.

Dear Ones, again we say you do not have to have all the steps figured out. You simply need to take a step in a new direction if the one you are pointed in is not working for you. That is a powerful action step, and the unfoldment will respond immediately to your new focus and intention. All great change is done exactly like that – by making your highest forward moving choice, one now moment at a time. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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