You Are Creation — (Dont block this beautiful energy with your fears, your need to control or your attachment to the ‘known’.)


We are headed towards the full moon on Sunday. A very powerful positive bold energy can be felt.
You may even feel spaced out by the energy but thats ok, there is a push for you to exit your comfort zone.
Dont block this beautiful energy with your fears, your need to control or your attachment to the ‘known’.Be open for positive change and movement forward.
Allow the Universe to give you a push.
Its time to shed your old skin, shake off old stagnant energy.
Pay close attention to your body
Nourish it well with fresh life force vegetables and fruit.Drink plenty of water.Support your vessel in the best way possible to align its performance with your higher self.
Pay attention to tension stored in your body
Regular stretching exercises can help alleviate and bring back your energy flow.
Also, find a physical activity that suits you that gets your circulation going and keeps you vibrant.It can be as mild as yoga or a walk outside.
Dancing is also an amazing way to raise your vibration and get your energy flowing.
Find what works for you but understand that your body is a carrier of your energy, treat it well and it will serve you well.
As you unblock stagnant energy in your body you will be releasing any residue from old pains and stories.Its time to thoroughly clear your energy.
Remember also that on the flip side of any stagnancy is excitement and vitality
It is within you waiting to burst forward.
All you need is to clean out all that is weighing you down and infuse yourself with nurturing love which in return will reconnect you with your true self to be expressed.
You have come a long way with layers and layers of work on yourself.
You have learned to love yourself through it all.
At the root of all healing is love.You have learned to love yourself to well being.
You may be feeling emotional but in an enriching kind of way
You are openning up with all your senses
Your heart is reopenning to life, to love, to creation, allow it to.
Even if it means moving through old grievances, move through and let go
For the new and wondrous to take their place.
Its ok to be sensitive
That is where there is a deeper experience of life
There is just a need to know to protect your energy,your bounderies
And harness this sensitivity for the positive in your life and for your higher purpose of this existence.
Your sensitivity is precious and sacred, serving an important role in your higher purpose
It is to be protected yet cherished and celebrated.
You may feel like in a dreamy state
Go with it
Give in
Allow yourself some gentle daydreaming
Spirit wants to show you something about yourself anout your destiny
Let it in.
The love you have for yourself and your creation will depict the nature of what you will create.
Cherish who you are and what you are to bring forward to the world.
Your purpose is valuable
And so is everyone elses.
Even the ‘bad guys’ are here to serve a purpose
They teach you the best right from wrong
For you to refine your path to the light.
Respect all
But above all respect yourself enough to nurture and know when to guard your precious energy and when to celebrate and co-create with others.
There will be others from your soul tribe that will come closer at this time for the purpose of uniting force fields to create more light and bring your purposes into fruition.
Know to distinguish with what you have learned.
You have spent a long time learning, healing and preparing
Now is the time to bring the tools you have acquired and the gifts you have within to serve your higher mission.
Thank you for being here
Thank you for enduring
We await with much gratitude and excitement
What you will create!
Much love


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