Rewiring the Human Experience – The CE Protocol


Rewiring the Human Experience – The CE Protocol

Collective Evolution

Editor’s Notes: Below are notes taken while listening to this interesting presentation. It is certainly not everything contained within it…

The inner world and outer world of each of us, including our planet, is connected. If we wish to create meaningful change and create a world where we can truly thrive, a world we know deep down is possible, we must address our state of being, thinking and consciousness.
1) Breaking the Illusion – what we are witness to is not actually what is going on… based on deception, but is not actually beneficial to the people. Because we are stuck in the Matrix, we don’t get to actually see what is actually going on in our world. You start to wake up, to see corruption everywhere… Moving out of the robotic state where we are functioning in our lives with a narrow point of view… expanding it. We can start to see what is not working in our world. There are unelected persons who are actually behind everything going up behind the scenes, a shadow or Deep State government. Deprogramming is step one.

2) Awakening neutrality… working through various steps of upset, anger… battle of good or evil, reductive reasoning without still looking at the entire picture. Take a step back from programming… what is actually playing out? You move into a position of empathy, a greater sense of awareness. There are a ton of potential issues going on, so many factors involved. Running away from every potential problem is cancel culture. Instead we start looking at the core of the problem, why a problem is actually there, seeing a big picture, seeing what is actually present in the world, allowing yourself to grow, moving beyond an emotional stage of blame. From a point of neutrality, you see what is actually going on within our state of being… we begin to see there is a state of connectivity between everything between us, our world, and our state of being. We are all interconnected, opening to a state of oneness consciousness. You don’t need a state of values to tell you what to do… what is good for me is good for another, it becomes a state of being in which you function. Automatic, neutral to various types of programming. Non-judgment. Allows us to see how we have learned from the course of actions we have taken in the past. We can wake up and go forward… without the emotional hang-ups.

3) Deprogramming limits – how we need to interact with the world, where did we learn these things of limitation? Narrow view. Deprogramming focuses on the inner work, face the limitations, belief systems that are based on the illusion. We need to deprogramming all of the limitations set up by the narrow minded attitudes.

Disconnected state of being doesn’t help anyone to thrive… work through the anger, trauma, beliefs in limitations, fighting over what is moral, good or bad. Waking up is really about being present, how it affects present reality, and how it affects everyone…

We’re in a massive time of transition. It doesn’t make sense to continue doing what we have been doing. What’s going in ourselves, and what is going on in our world? We now deprogram the old state of consciousness and recognize the new state of consciousness, a natural system… subtractive process of removing all the programming.

4) Living aligned. We become more present, neutral, less judgmental, seeing relationships, deprogramming the limitations, living aligned… seeing how the new state of consciousness affects the world around me, rewriting the code of human consciousness.

Abundance, connectivity, what are we capable within ourselves, what do I feel we are really capable of, what is possible? Removing the old… sense of limitations. We have the creativity, innovation to go forward, we can thrive from top to bottom, having advanced technology, we have the ability — we are willing to re-write what is going on within our world. There has to be a transition. We know we can thrive, continual evolution.

The old game is not fulfilling our inner sense of frustration, of knowing what we are capable of… thrive-ability not capability. We start applying our creativity and innovations. Living aligned from oneness consciousness… everything shifts in your world.

Unleasing creativity. Unleasing innovation. Removing barriers (regulation, policy, boundaries… degrees of separation). Inherent connection is the new way of engaging with our external world.


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