Prepare for Mega Capricorn Conjunction – Gateway Energy Process –

Prepare for Mega Capricorn Conjunction  
– Gateway Energy Process –

by  Selacia        

We’re in a major transformational gateway ahead of the January 12 rare Capricorn conjunction involving Saturn and Pluto. In fact, this unusual planetary line-up is about to catalyze energies in a new direction – impacting all of us and our world. In this article I provide a simple practical energy process that can help you benefit from what is unfolding.


This rare gateway is already present. Most likely if you are sensitive you can feel a different energy in the air. Your body may be giving you palpable signs of energy shifting too.
If you aren’t feeling anything tangible, that’s okay. Planetary alignments – even the significant ones that can radically change consciousness – are often experienced in very subtle ways. It takes training and practice to discern what one is experiencing.
The gateway energy process below can help you tune into the deeper subtle levels.
Remind yourself as you do the process that you are clearing your energy so you can access your inner being naturally at one with the cosmos.
I recommend working with this for 7 days – starting now ahead of the weekend and continuing after the January 12 conjunction. The continuum of the 7 days will help you to anchor what you are receiving.
7-Day Gateway Energy Process
FIRST – Empty Mind
Empty your mind and become still – utilizing tools such as meditation and being in nature without talking or moving. If you cannot get out in nature, focus your mind on a flower or imagine a beautiful nature scene out your window or within your own mind. The purpose is to clear your mind of thoughts, concerns, goals, and time-oriented activities. Sit in stillness as long as you can, with the intention of clearing thoughts and outer world focus. This is an inner process. Hold it sacred. Let go of anything happening, any result. Simply be.
SECOND – Deep Breathing
Come out of the stillness long enough to do some deep breathing. On your inhale imagine that you are filled with a sweet divine nectar that energizes you – that nectar going into every cell of your body. On your exhale, imagine breathing out any stress, tiredness, concerns. Pay attention to how peaceful and open you are. Sit there for 3 minutes to feel a sense of spaciousness within you. Let go of judging how spacious you feel. Simply be.
THIRD – Visualize Intentions
With or without ceremonial tools, close your eyes and drop your energy down to your heart.  Stay there as you do 5 minutes of visualization focused on specifics of what you want to create in your life, how you want to serve, and what kind of world you want to inhabit. Let go of time frame – be in the now. Ceremonial tools, if desired to amplify your experience, are listed below. Let go of overthinking. Your goals may be simple words like peace. Go with whatever comes to you. Let it be.
Crystals – select a crystal you enjoy working with for energy work and meditations. Example could be a crystal you have had with you during our global meditations when we do the planetary healing process with crystal grid involving participants from all over the world.
Essential oils – select a therapeutic grade essential oil you enjoy diffusing or applying to your body. Allow your intuition to guide you. The purpose of these oils is to raise your frequency, help you open to insights, and connect more tangibly with the subtle realms.  Examples of oils: (1)  Sacred Mountain blend helps you connect with the sacred and your inner being. Other properties include a feeling of protection, grounding, empowerment, enhanced communications with spirit. (2)  Lavender helps with relaxation and balancing the body. When diffused it can help generate a sense of well-being, peacefulness, and ability to connect with higher consciousness. (3)  White Angelica blend helps create a frequency of protection and can assist you in connecting with your higher potentials.
FOURTH – Clear Space in Home
Clear space in your home so it feels airy and open for the good things and blessings you want to create and bring in from the world. Allow your intuition to guide you in this process. Examples: (1) If you see clutter in a room, de-clutter it. (2) If the doorway into your home lacks a sense of welcome and spaciousness, change the energy by clearing obstructions and adding color or other objects that draw people in. (3) Diffuse an essential oil like those above or a blend like  Gathering that helps create an energy of community and connection. The key here is tuning in daily to your home and what’s needed to create a more open and welcoming space. Don’t overthink it. Go with the first ideas that come to you, implement them, then let it be. 
FIFTH – Cleanse Body 

Cleanse your body with intent to balance and soothe your energy. Do this as part of your daily bathing, honoring your body as the sacred vehicle for your spirit here on Earth. Additional options can include having a massage or other body work that helps you relax as you release energy and stuck emotions. When your body is honored, so is your entire being. Do this with love, then let it be.

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