Soul Healing Art

by Kimberly Harding

A Divine plan does not direct your life. Rather, your Life evolves from a series of Divine Patterns. Come to understand and apply these patterns and your life transforms.

If a Divine plan directed all of Life, it would exist in contradiction to a primary tenet of Life – the ability to choose, evolve, and create newness.

If everything is “planned” what would there be to create in your Life? Nothing. Thus, your Life is not some pre-planned series of events. Instead, your Life is your Creation. The ability to create, freely, manifesting never before seen States of Being of One’s Self is one of the basic foundations of our lives.

This act of Creation in which you engage, free from a set plan, is governed by Divine patterns which emerge as you come to greater awareness and understanding of the principles of Life.

For the coming year, believe less in an ordained Divine plan for your Life, somehow set in motion by some force. Instead, come to see your Life as an evolving kaleidoscope of Divine patterns uniquely installed by you.  


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