Hi my friend,

Happy Holidays! We have so much to catch up on, so let’s get right to it.

In the last few months, many of us have noticed a lot of internal and external shifts in our lives, and in the world.

We may have even noticed that we’re being called to make big changes that weren’t on our radar until recently.

This is all leading to the foundational shifts that will take center stage in 2020, which will help reshape the landscape of our collective realities forever.

I am excited to share more on that, and will offer more details in the January 2020 Energy Forecast.

Resolutions and Dissolutions

As 2019 comes to completion, we have an opportunity to resolve old patterns and habits that have prevented us from living our best lives.

Some of these patterns and habits include:

  • Choosing to operate from fear, survival, and victim consciousness
  • Choosing to operate from judgment of ourselves and others
  • Choosing to need the approval of others (giving away our power)
  • Choosing to believe that our way is the only way
  • Choosing to believe that prosperity and spirituality are separate (which immediately creates a lack consciousness)
  • Choosing to believe that we must censor or hide some part of ourselves
  • Choosing to partake in competition and struggle
  • Choosing to believe that we are separate in any way from the Universe and all of Life

All of these examples are simply patterns and habits that have nothing to do with who we are at our core. The mind created these patterns and habits out of a need to be in control, and to feel safe.

We have the opportunity now to completely dissolve the limiting habits we have been attaching ourselves to.

We also have the opportunity to align with new patterns and habits that support us in being our freest, most authentic selves.

Whatever you have been allowing to cause you angst—a strain in an important relationship, or attachments to people, places, experiences, beliefs, or anything keeping you fearful and in lack—now is the time to address and resolve it!

When we are no longer distracted by patterns and habits that hold us back, we are free to be open and available to living our lives to the fullest, allowing all of life’s blessings to wash over every area of our lives.

A Magical Time to Be Present

The holiday season is an excellent time to remind ourselves to be fully anchored in the present moment.

When we anchor ourselves in the present, we operate from our most expanded and empowered self.

Anchoring ourselves in the presents allows us to be open to miracles, insights, opportunities, synchronicities, and blessings that we may otherwise not have noticed.

Anchoring ourselves in the present moment allows us to transcend the illusions of time.

It’s from this space of no-time (a place of nonattachment) that our greatest, most desired intentions can manifest.

Here are some simple things we can do to anchor ourselves in the present:

  • Spend more time exploring and enjoying Nature, such as walking or standing on the Earth in shoes that are not rubber-soled
  • Expressing gratitude often throughout the day
  • Sing, dance, or find other ways to give ourselves a creative outlet that feels expansive
  • Be fully aware of our five senses—taking quiet moments to notice the sounds, shapes, colors, tastes, textures, and scents all around us
  • Have a big belly laugh daily
  • Look into the eyes of everyone we encounter throughout the day

It’s in the present moment that most of our freedom is experienced, because we are no longer bound to the illusions and habits of the past, or worries about the future.

Consciously choosing to ground ourselves in the present moment leads to a life lived from a state of grace, flow, and ease.

Support and Love

As this year comes to completion, this is an excellent time to reflect and get clear on what we’d like more of in our lives.

Here are some questions to ask ourselves, to get greater clarity on what we want to create more of:

  • “What does my life look like when I am at peace and happy?”
  • “What are some things I enjoyed doing as a child that I can integrate into my life now?”
  • “What actions or situations feel expansive and good to me?”

Answering these questions can help us get clear on what we really want to experience more of.

Once we have that clarity, it becomes easier to take action and to ask for support.

Most of us hesitate to ask for support from others, either because we’re unclear on the kind of support we desire, or because we were conditioned to believe that getting what we want takes something away from someone else, creating a burden for them.

There’s also the belief that, “If I ask for help from others, they’ll expect me to return the favor.”

Life is about sharing this human experience with our sisters and brothers. And an important aspect of the human experience is being part of a community.

We are here to share our blessings with one another. If you are surrounded by people who do not want to support or help you, it’s usually a reflection of how you’ve been treating yourself or others.

Are you generous with your support towards yourself and others? Do you offer support to others without expecting anything in return?

Does it feel easy and fun for you to share your blessings with the world?

When you can fully answer “yes” to these questions, you will notice that support is abundantly available in your life.

When we express what we desire with the Universe and those around us by asking for support, we open ourselves up to receiving opportunities we might not have had a chance to experience otherwise.

The Universe wants to give us everything we’ve ever desired for ourselves. It’s just a matter of how open we are to receiving it.

If you ever find yourself feeling unsupported, find an opportunity to support someone else, even if it’s someone you don’t know very well.

This act of kindness will shift the energies for you. It will open your mind, eyes, and heart to knowing that life is much more than hiding or separating ourselves from others.

It’s about living, loving, and sharing our gifts and our presence openly.

The Magic of the Season

More often than not, this time of year offers a unique glimpse into what direction we are moving in as a whole, in our collective consciousness.

This happens most easily this time of year, when most people are more open to the magic and wonder that is actually available to us at any time of year.

This often allows people to put aside their differences, while practicing more kindness, care, and compassion.

Because of this, each year during this season, we all move up another step on the ladder of consciousness. We begin to move further out of the world of separation, and into a world of peace, love, and respect for all life.

If you are someone who has closed yourself off from the extra magic available to us this time of year, don’t be too hard on yourself! Just know that if you desire it, it’s available to you.

During this holiday season, let’s love and adore the three-year-old child within us, and in every person we meet.

This is the part of us that just wants to be loved, accepted, and nurtured. We as adults now get to offer this love to our inner child, and the inner child of all those we encounter.

Happy Holidays!

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,


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