Time to Take Stock – The Council


Time to Take Stock – The Council

We have already spoken to you about the need for you to be prepared for the upheavals that are coming. It is time to take stock of yourselves and be serious about clearing out any emotional baggage that may cause you discomfort in the coming months.

Emotions are triggered from your subconscious as reactions that your subconscious or body mind projects from what it imagines is equal or like past experience. You do not, for instance, decide to slam yourselves into fear mode. You do not decide to become angry. And there are others that you would consider less than desirable. Is this not so?

Now, there is little time left for the sort of processing that it took to dig these things up in the past. And most of you reading this are old hands at it in any case. Therefore, we wish to remind you today that thoroughly bathing yourselves in light is one of the very best things that you can do. We ask that you make this a daily practice if you have not already done so. And be prepared to practice it more often… as needed.

This will be helpful for you in the coming year. But we want you also to realize that your levels of light are what we are counting upon to get the others through with as little ‘damage’ as possible. You are equipped, as well, to begin their ascent if they so desire. Many will wonder how you handle what comes.

Now, let us tell you also that there will be a great deal of amazing information and progress coming to you at this time. Many fields of science and technology are already releasing much of what has been held back from you. It will be just as much of a tidal wave as the deplorable will be. Let it keep you afloat until the worst subsides.

Remember, you came to make a difference. And you will. And you will earn the right to enjoy the results. Actually, you would know it as your right already if you would accept the truth of who you are. Namaste, dear ones.


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