A Message to Lightworkers – October 24, 2019


A Message to Lightworkers – October 24, 2019

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

An excerpt from the Collective’s new eBook, Manifesting Abundance: The Collective Offer Practical Paths to Greater Prosperity.

When you say or feel that “There’s never enough money for what I need,” or that “There’s never enough to save,” or “I really need (or want) more money,” you are telling money, “You don’t come to me in the amounts I require to live comfortably. You hardly come to me at all.”

Money hears you in that moment, as does the rest of the Universe.

It feels your sadness, your affirming of Lack in your life.

Money then obeys your command, your expectation, and your mental image. 

It then can’t come to you in the amounts you require to make all payments on time, and to live comfortably.

It will hardly come to you at all, because you have decreed it so. 

That is true of everything you desire, yet push away by affirming and feeling that you don’t have what you desire, and that Lack is your situation. 

Your words, feelings, and affirmations are always fulfilled. That is Universal law.

As you make these announcements, inwardly or out loud, you bring in the energy of that particular “reality” and invite it to take root in and around you, so that your outer physical life reflects the lack and struggle you’ve described. 

It fulfills your description. And your situation continues as it has, without improvement.

This is why we suggest that you not judge your circumstances as bad or wrong or “not enough.” 

And that you stop noticing or thinking about any issue when you’re unhappy, until you are once more in a higher vibrational state, and can think and feel only positively about it.

 Photo by Jennifer Scalia

This is one reason why visualizations are so vital! 

They feed your spirit the images and the inner feeling of having what you desire. 

They give you the experience of being already in that new reality, where you have what you’ve dreamt of. 

That then becomes what the Universe says “Yes” to.

That becomes the reality you develop and call to you. 

Not more of the same struggle-and-hard-work experience, but a far more easygoing, fulfilling day-to-day living that you can always imagine inwardly and experience emotionally, even if you don’t yet see it around you.

This is far more than daydreaming. This is co-Creating!

Don’t be fooled by outer appearances, or taken in by them. That which you do not resonate with is not your reality. 

Your reality is always what you decide is true for you. If you don’t like your current circumstances, you can change them. 

But that starts with imaging what you love and desire, giving Thanks for it, and giving Thanks for what you already have, not sadly commenting on what you don’t yet have.

You are fully capable of envisioning and co-Creating a more fulfilling, more Joyful, more Abundant life. 

And from there, a far more fulfilling, more Joyful, more Abundant planet.

If you were to start saying to yourself and others, “I’m very blessed—I’m very Abundant! I have a lot to be thankful for—so do you!” you might well feel inwardly, “Well, that’s not quite true . . . ” 

Or you might think, “Some of my friends are struggling financially, at least a bit. I can’t abandon them. I have to comment on my money situation negatively too, or they’ll think I’m not being supportive. Or that I’m not like them anymore.”

And so you continue to say you “never have enough” or are “tired of barely making it,” or something similar.

Yet we can tell you that if you were to start saying how Abundant you are, it wouldn’t take very long till you started noticing all the many ways that you truly are Abundant.

And that your Abundance had begun to increase.

 Photo by Jennifer Scalia

Perhaps you always have enough food to eat, or enough gasoline in the car.

Perhaps you have enough clothing to wear, or you and your loved ones are in good health for the most part.

Or you realize that you have been blessed to have received a solid education.

Or to have been able to travel to different places.

Or that you have technical or creative gifts you’re glad for.

As you keep this up as a daily practice, one day, perhaps only a month or two later, you will notice that money is flowing to you far more often and more easily.

You’ll also notice that you are more satisfied with what you have—not nervous or stressed or complaining about it. 

You’re just noticing any good thing you have, financially or otherwise, and giving thanks for it.

Allowing yourself to feel that Abundance, and to be happy with it.


Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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The above excerpt is from an eBook that is part of the Collective’s Joyful Well-Being series, available in early November 2019.


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