Sophia – Pleiadian Pipeline – A few more answers for us

October 24, 2019
Is there someone who wants to connect?
Yes Sophia! Hello! It is so good to hear from you and we are of course ready to answer your questions!
Hello everyone! How are you?
We are very busy! It is a very exciting and arduous time for u s now. We have much to do on so many fronts. It is work that we love, you can be sure of that. The humans are moving forward quickly and our aim is to be ready to act and engage on a moment’s notice.
You can imagine the preparations for such an operation.
Yes, I can. I think that at times we expect you to magically create the pods and other mechanisms, not realizing the effort involved. I apologize if we sound insensitive to the effort involved on your end.
Apologies are unnecessary Sophia. We do what we do gladly and are eager to engage fully with your race.
Yes, well your enthusiasm is evident.
Here are the questions from readers:
“What is the music in 40 to 100 hz all about? I always thought, 432 hz was healing music.”
Your music variation accommodates different modes of healing and as well, rejuvenation. Each of the tones mentioned here are suppliers of a vibratory frequency that moves in concert with a higher vibrational being, if so attuned.
Simply put, they accomplish different things.
You could say that the initial numbers asked about are “tuners” to frequencies that accommodate the heart.
The second is a frequency that cooperates with the harmonics of your planet and thus offer a full body synchronization with the place you find yourselves – earth. This affords peace and tranquility.
Thank you.
Here are the second group questions, all from one reader:
“Will the sun flash trigger worldwide earth changes?”
And “What happens to mentally ill people in hospitals? Also, those undiagnosed perhaps, but who hear voices or are impaired for various reasons?”
It will, of course, initiate changes as it does now, on a moment to moment basis.
This event of a flash will be only a singular event, that feels unusual and dramatic because it has not occurred in recent history.
Specific earth changes are not topics we can speak with authority on.
Sophia has others she speaks to, who can give those, if indeed it is meant to be shared. We are sorry if this disappoints, yet it is our truth today.
If we understand you fully, we think that what you mean to say is “what is going on with mental illness in your world”?
It is a huge question and requires many different answers depending on the body being inquired about.
In very many cases what you have is a “malfunction” of brain function. This creates alternate expectations, needs and most visibly, actions by those afflicted. It is not so much an illness, unless it works to degrade the body itself.
In most cases it is that the body cannot care for itself and function in society and must be labeled in order to be encased within a specific segment of society, that will care for them.
It, meaning the label, does not define each case. The labels are for societies convenience.
What we know is that bodies are chosen and some of them needing constant reinforcement. This, in order to have successful days.
“Hearing voices” is at times a function of hyper-awareness and nothing more.
With education as to your multi-dimensional powerful selves, these labels may be dropped and replaced with acceptance.
You cannot ever be certain of reasons for any “malady” without knowing every single contributing factor.
Primary among those are the being’s intent before it arrived.
We feel that as your race becomes more aware and in touch with truth, the instances of “mental illness” will reduce, and be replaced with varying sensitivities and abilities.
We hope this answers the question.
Thank you.
I appreciate your willingness to answer us.
Do you have any other message, before we sign off?
Only that we are watching and waiting for a sign that the time is here for us to come to you with our healing pods.
We hear you, and are anxious to engage fully. It is so very much an honor to participate with you now. You are a delight!
Goodbye now!
Thanks! Goodbye! (I see them smiling and waving. (smile))  
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