The Inner Highway to Infinite AwarenessMessage channeled by Ailia Mira


The Inner Highway to Infinite Awareness

Message channeled by Ailia Mira

Divine One –

As you orient within the light within you grows and grows. Your capacity changes because as you focus within, you energize and open up your energies in ways that allow more of who you truly are, to be present in your human energy system.

You learn to perceive differently, too. By going within and spending time with your focus on your inner eye, your spiritual eye, you activate within you that which KNOWS.

That which KNOWS can energize your life; reinvigorate your embodied experience. You can find the clarity within you come to the forefront naturally. The inner knowing, the guidance, the feeling to move toward certain things and then the experience of discovering these things – they support you and your body in thriving! This is all natural as you orient within, for as you do so, your life starts to work.

Your relationship to LIFE matters. We care about you and your experience here. We hear what you are asking for and we come forth in these transmissions in response to your heart felt desires and the concerns and struggles you have. We come to you to help you to rearrange your relationship to what is going on so you might unleash the inner forces of GREATNESS which are your true self.

Deep within you, the core of your being is Infinite Oneness. When you realize who you truly are – Infinite, Eternal – your relationship with Life changes. You begin to consider a different interpretations of your perceptions, and in fact, your perceptions shift, too.

You begin to perceive differently. Inner orientation brings about points of view that you might call LIBERATING. Viewpoints in harmony with the truth of your being. These views can not only uplift you and give you a sense of possibility, but if you embrace them… If you give your attention to the uplifting insights and perceptions you have when focused within, you begin to internalize them in your brain. You build neural pathways based on these insights and then your perceptions do more than uplift you – they begin to take root in your life and create for you a true foundation within your experience.

You have, beloved friends, Direct Access to TRUTH. You have an inner highway to Infinite AWARENESS. This is your true state and in your human life you can remember this, reconnect with this, become aware of this as real and steady within you and begin to turn to this consciousness, this inner experience of connection and view it as your SOURCE FOR EVERYTHING!

This is the choice before you – do you dare to go there? Within? 
So that you might discover from your own, direct and very personal experience who you truly are? What is there for you?

LIFE, beloveds. LIFE is there for you. Endless Life as reality. Unbounded freedom. You are truly, completely free.

In your embodied life your attention and what you give your focus to are completely within your control. As you ARE CONSCIOUSNESS, this means in all ways that you are who you truly are, YOU ARE FREE.

And since all that you experience comes about from how you generate your energy and since your energy is shaped by how you use your focus and attention, in all ways that matter, you are entirely free.

No matter what your life is like right now, you have the reins that can take you somewhere else in experience – both in the manifest world and within you where all secrets can be revealed as simply limited viewpoints and separation – the great delusion of embodiment, effortlessly dissolves.

The truth is there beloved ones – within you.

No one else can liberate you from misunderstandings or confusion, the doubt, sadness, struggle, pain even, of feeling separate from what you truly want and who you truly are. But you can! You are powerful in the ways that matter most – you can chose, in any moment, in any day to turn your attention to the inner pathways of openness and joy, bliss and perpetual energy flow.

Your relationship with Life – within you and within your manifest experience is dynamically responding to how you use these two things: your focus and your attention.

By your focus we mean a sustained choice of attention. And by attention, we mean simply your ability to bring your awareness to different things.

You have both of these abilities – but how freely you use them is a matter of how well developed you’ve developed (practiced) intentionally using them. You can be aware of many things at once. Choosing to be aware in a focused way… Choosing to withdraw attention from things that don’t serve you. Choosing to treat as real that which you wish to energize, amplify, open, learn more about and choosing to give less attention to that which does not further your life.

These choices are within your control.

Most of you do not think of these kinds of choices when you consider your POWER in life. We invite you to do so, if you want to feel free!

In your life you spend a lot of time trying to make things happen and trying to control things because you believe if you don’t, you will not have the life you want.

What if there was a much more leveraged way to live and shape your experience AND that approach was innate: within you naturally, although perhaps not often used deliberately and with clear understanding?

This is the path of conscious awareness that is open to you.

Learn how to use your attention in ways that serve you. How? Practice. Reflect on how giving attention to different things makes you feel and what seems to happen after doing so. Use experiential, direct feedback to learn how to live!

What could be more powerful than your own inner knowing and clarity come forth from your own direct experience?

Learn how to focus on what matters to you. How? Practice. Your focus – ability to sustain attention on what you intend – will in the beginning be rather limited. Think of your focus capacity as a muscle. The more you use it deliberately, the stronger it will be.

You have will. You have awareness. You have choices.

You can use your will to bring your attention to the things in life you want to change. You have the ability to strengthen your focus and in doing so, bring attention to areas in life where you would like more clarity, more understanding, expanded awareness and even support.

All of this is possible.

Dare to use your own life as your playground. Dare to seize the freedom that lies within you to shape reality and to unleash the GREATNESS that is within you.

Go inward. Go within. Do so often and with intent. Before you begin – state a brief intention. Be aware of what you wish to become, experience, know, connect with, feel create, etcetera.

You are, beloved ones, powerful and whole.

Eternal and free.

Know this as real in your lives here and bliss is yours.

I AM Archangel Michael with the Infinite Oneness, Mother Mary, the Gautama Buddha and the Shambhala Masters. We love you very much. We are complete. © 2010 – 2019 Ailia Mira • An Expect Wonderful Business • All Rights Reserved


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