Maintenance-free Self


Maintenance-free Self
by Love’s Beginning

You are…fill in the blank.

We want you to notice how you allow ego to fill in the blank on this question throughout the day. You maintain and groom this self. You protect this self. You defend this self. Anytime you are making decisions about the qualities of other selves, you are maintaining the distinct border line between what you consider to be your self and what you consider to be other.

Every time fear arises, it is ego’s call to identify as and defend this fictional Self. We encourage curiosity instead. We open up this pathway for you when you feel fear. We light this pathway of curiosity so you can step onto it easily. There seems to be a plot here, a storyline. There seem to be separate selves enacting this plot. There is an urgency felt as this plot unfolds. What would the Wholeness do with the plot? How would the Wholeness guide the characters? What is the Wholeness going to do with this situation? Wait and see in that curiosity. The Wholeness will take your sense of urgency from you as you offer it up. The Wholeness supplies clear guidance in exchange. You are coming to see this exchange as beneficial for all.

We have good news for you: The Self you actually are requires no maintenance and no judgment. It simply Is. So when you catch yourself fussing about a self–your self or another self, pause and request an escort. Energetic escorts are always available to you. Request an escort from fiction into Reality. Simply pause and ask. Sit in your willingness to allow all false thought to vanish. Sit in the openness that allows true thought and realization to flood your experience. Sit in the worthiness that you and all need do nothing to earn this constant, loving assistance. Your being is and always has been pure and innocent.

Who are you? Who is anyone else? What is happening here? If the answer causes you any difficulty, you have allowed ego to answer and to interpret the answer. You simply need the correct answerer, the correct interpreter. The correct answerer and interpreter is always available to you because it is your Self. That correct answerer and interpreter is always immediately available to all because it is the True Self that all share. This is why there is no need to have anxiety over anyone you perceive as other. Being equally worthy, they have immediate access to loving assistance always.

She is…fill in the blank. He is…fill in the blank. If you feel anything other than peace, love and joy when that blank is filled in, the ego has judged, and you have believed. Your “bad” feeling is a helpful indicator that you can release that judgment. The bad feeling is not an indicator that anything is actually wrong. It is a helpful signal that you are allowing unreality to permeate your perception. Ask for clarity, because you are fully worthy of it. If you are fully worthy of it, then so are all, right now. Can you see the transformative power of this perception? Allow clarity to come to all through your willingness to see things as they truly are and always have been.

The same goes for your judgment of any conditions, past, present or anticipated. This is ________. This is going to be ____________. That was _____________. Notice these thought patterns, and notice a need to define. Does any security come from allowing an ego to define? In any moment, you can ask for True Security, Real Security. This means that you are willing to throw all other perception away, but you are ready now. You can see that egoic perception has never been worth it, and you are ready to be reunited with the glory of who all Are.

The ultimate freedom comes in seeing that nothing needs to be pinned down or defined at all. There is no need to define, and no need to carry a definition into what you see as a future. You can set all perceptual burdens down, and you can do it now. When you notice that you are carrying them, assistance is always available: Help me to release what I do not need. Send this call out. We are always here, and it is our delight to assist you. As we help you, we help ourselves, for we are truly One, and our joyful work is healing–coming into full remembrance of this Oneness together.

We remain with you and ready to assist. You need not do this–the emergence out of your false sense of self–alone, for indeed it is impossible for you to be alone. We love you, and we bask in the light of the Love you Are.

Photo by SK Yeong on Unsplash


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