A Message to Lightworkers – September 6, 2019


A Message to Lightworkers – September 6, 2019

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very happy to have this opportunity to speak with you today.

We see that many of you are working more fully and more powerfully now in your galactic missions.

The effects of your work are being felt around the world, as well as throughout your galaxy, and intergalactically.

So that you are not only anchoring higher Light for this planet, but for countless planets, stars, and star systems.

This is significant, because the particular challenges being experienced by humanity and its Earth at the moment, and for the next year or more especially, require higher input than what a 3D-oriented, rather passive and weak-feeling consciousness can assist.

When you see things happen to certain populations on Earth, or to certain geographical locations, whether they are storms, fires, forms of imprisonment, corruption, chemical contaminations—your human aspect, as we have said many times, will react with a range of emotions, from fear and anxiety to anger and desire for retribution.

That is understandable, but does little to move these situations up to a higher level energetically, so that you and billions of others can then experience Earth life on a higher, more refined, more Peaceful level of well-being.

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What creates that upward move energetically is the concentrated focus of a Unity consciousness toward well-being and Peace, toward wholeness and calm.

And that is not accomplished in a fractured mental or emotional state, which is what you have been trained to live in, and view as the only logical state to be in.

In some moments you do feel empowered, yes.

But for the most part, you have been carefully trained to travel through life thinking of the challenges you are facing, individually and as a country, or continent, or planet, and to view the density of these in desperate terms, wondering if these can ever be overcome.

What you are accomplishing in your etheric body, as you travel in your sleep state, and within your higher consciousness at all times, well outreaches the narrow focus you were taught as an Earth being of lower consciousness—a consciousness based on survival, as you fight lack, pain, and opposition.

We are aware that most of you are still in the process of “waiting” for something—for the full enactment of NESARA, for mass landings of ships and full disclosure of the nonterrestrial presence, for a savior of some sort, for your Ascension to lead you to where none of life’s pains and shocks can reach you ever again, and similar scenarios.

These are beautiful visions.

Yet we wish to encourage you to release and detach even from your most hope-filled visions of rescue, as you already hold within you the abilty to create all forms of New Earth renewal and fulfillment.

What you seek cannot come to you from “without.”

It seeks you as you release it. As you let it be OK that it isn’t here yet. 

And as you realize that you must hold the energies of what you desire before you can experience outwardly.

This applies to all you desire to manifest, whether it is improved health, a new love relationship, a renewed sense of purpose in your daily work, a particular sum of money, or any vision you might hold for your community or your world.

You do not require saving. You do not require a “savior.”

Savior programming is linked to passivity training and victimhood programming, and is not a help either in your Ascension or to your everyday life and self-image.

The images you hold of a new life, a New Earth, a new Justice, Equality, Fairness, and Abundance for everyone on Earth, has nothing to do with what someone else accomplishes for you.

Certainly, you are constantly receiving help from the higher levels and forms of this Universe, as well as from those non-Earth beings who are in your and others’ soul families, who have pledged to protect Earth beings as you travel through this time of transition to the fifth dimension.

These loving beings are assisting you in protecting and maintaining Earth’s well-being, in all ways physical and etheric.

 Photo by Jen Scalia

There is no need for rescue, as you are, in your higher self and Earth self forms, working powerfully alongside them.

You are not the passive recipients of “help” as if you were nearly powerless to influence, contribute, or shift Earth life energies or even the frequencies Earth Herself exists in.

You are constantly contributing, influencing, shifting all that occurs on the Earth with your own vibration—your own outlook, ideas, emotions, thoughts, and expectations.

Your moments of celebration lift the weight bearing down on Earth’s being now.

Your Joy and expectation of only good things happening heal the parts of Her being, and all consciousness, that had given up on a New Day ever occurring.

And your sense of purpose, your powerfully held intention to help birth new Earth forms—a higher form of civilization for your planet, from currencies to healing forms to educational and art forms—is what is creating those very things.

Not someone floating down from a cloud or a ship, as you have been very carefully programmed to believe.

Understand that you would not be on the Earth right now, doing the work you are doing, if you had not accomplished similar realities in another time or place, on this or another timeline.

You are here to live out and rediscover, reclaim your wisdom, healing elements, and transformative brilliance, and not merely to spot those elements in someone else.

It is of course exciting and intriguing to think of meeting persons from other parts of this or another galaxy.

We would not for anything discourage you from reclaiming those connections to members of your soul family who come from elsewhere, or who have lived in Inner Earth for so long.

We ask merely that you release the idea that you are awaiting a great rescue; a great moment when the door finally opens wide and pure golden higher Light pours forth.

You are the Light, friends! How could it be otherwise?

 Photo by Michelle KiddWhy would you be here at this time, albeit in a vulnerable form, except that your true power is meant to shine now more than ever?

And so we thank you for your visions, for your dreams, your memories of Divine Justice and Divine Love empowering so many millions, throughout an entire planet and solar system.

We simply ask that you remind yourself from time to time that you are the ones you have been waiting for, as Hopi wisdom has noted.

And that you wait no longer to celebrate such—and that as you celebrate, you open the door to the very renewal and rebirth you have waited for, for so long.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, at every moment.


Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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