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Today’s Reflection

so earlier during breakfast, all three of us were talking about what’s going on and what we feel/see coming.  our girl pointed out the movie – close encounters – and asked us to remember the sand scene in the desert which was blowing wildly following the arrival of the craft.  we were discussing the blowing sands from africa.  AAAAND some time early this morning – before i fully woke up – i began hearing toto’s “Africa” after several months of not hearing it in my mind.  i had been hearing it earlier this year then it disappeared.  makes me wonder if the weather wildness – at least perhaps the blowing sands coming from africa – are due to – how do i say this – our getting in final alignment for our exit out?  i don’t know – just found this all – interesting.  something to make me do one of those “hmmm” looks/feels.

my mate then began to speak.  i recorded him so i’ll just quote it:

We know that there’s a stargate ship.  this is all about magnetics.  we know that we’re in a honeypot.  we’re in a trap.  as the theory goes there’s a black hole with a small contained universe underneath which is on one side of the whole.  it has an event horizon around it.  we call it the sun.  it…

i asked “where do we go once we get out?”

and he responded:  “we go back to the Real Universe.”

there ya go.  sounds good to me.

we have seen proof/images of that Stargate.  i linked it here previously this year here.   BlueKoolaid  was one of a few channels (we observe) who captured it – i recall MrMBB333 as well. so the theory above is absolutely possible – if not probable.  the “flash” is us exiting out the sun and when we get “Home” we fully wake up in our Real Selves – as we Remember and see the All.

as i ran an errand this afternoon i was feeling a combination of fluster and frustration.  i tuned in – reminded myself this is not how Who I Am. i recentered – tuned into my Heart.  did some other self-talk and as i did i felt “you are so close to coming Home.”  as i felt that flow through me a wish flew into the car – around my space – then flew back out.

it is hard being who we really are here – especially considering just a portion of US is here.  but i do feel us at Home is tuned in – or perhaps we here are more awake and thus tuned in THERE.  whatever it is – however this is happening – we can do this.  Home has our backs.

i was going to leave you with current electron proton reads – which are intense and chaotic – but wordpress is giving me an error warning w/each one so i’ll just leave the link to the site.  and as i reflect upon this – who trusts nasa images?  i don’t and yet i use them as do others who also don’t trust nasa.  lol  perhaps it’s time to just stop utilizing that and go by how we feel.  and how i feel is whatever is incoming is powerful and serving a divine purpose in getting us the frig out.



update:  just saw where sophia and the cats both were recently deceived during meditation/channeling.  as rose says – Home doesn’t communicate via channeling.  not sure i agree w/that 100% but i do feel that the entire Universe was hijacked and compromised and hence ANY info coming in whether via channeling or even through the heart space needs to be questioned.  we are all vulnerable to deception in this current energy space.  i would like to see more spiritual “oomph” kick in and those who channel and share start questioning these messages.  not to be antagonistic but to deepen the validity of them.  my red flag awhile back was when i would receive silence or be told i wasn’t ready to know that yet or blah blah blah.  i continue to see predictions and promises be given only to continue to wait to see them fulfilled and those doing the channeling let it all go.  i don’t get that.  who would allow a friend to play such a game?  being true to one’s word is part of that umbrella of Love.  stuff happens i realize – but to allow oneself to be treated as less-than does not help our search for Truth.


Thank you all for your support!


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