Message from the Angels


Messages from the Angels
Today the Presence came through and speaks to us, with so much love. Open your heart and feel it…

Dear embodiments of my love, I did not create you to suffer. I created you to enjoy the many facets of Self and to see what we could collectively create in our shared experience. I never intended for you to feel lack, disease, loneliness or a whole host of other less than loving feelings in your 3-dimensional reality. I want only for you to feel my love, and to experience it in countless forms and circumstances.

My love is constant. It is never diminished. You do not have to earn it. You are never disconnected from it. You only have to have a willingness to open to the experience of it, for it is always there – I am always there – within you, and in all forms, patiently waiting to be recognized and enjoyed.

You can, at any time in your life, pause, take a breath, feel your heart and feel me there. You can, no matter what the circumstances in your life, connect with my Presence. With the smallest act of appreciation, the slightest acknowledgment of goodness in your world or your life, or with the smallest act of self-appreciation, there you begin to find me.

I am here for you always, hidden in plain view. I am the earth, the sun, the moon, the sky. I am in those you love most dearly and even buried perhaps deeply within those you can’t stand. I am in your animals, the grass, the trees, the stars, in all of creation, and I exist beyond that. I am the Presence of love and harmony within everything you witness around you. I am, constantly guiding creation to help your bodies, your lives, and your worlds return to a loving order. Dearest embodiments of my love, I dream of your joy. I dream of your well being. I dream of your abundance. I dream of your harmonious relationships. All that is required is a willingness to surrender to love.

Sit quietly. Ask to feel my love rise up within you. Breathe calmly and wait. It is in your deep silence that I can easily make my presence known. I am there in the love you feel from your dear ones. I am there in the pleasant taste of your food. I am there in your own hands, giving yourself your own hugs, and I am there when your thoughts still for just a moment and your hearts ignite. Wherever love is present, you can find me, feel me, and experience me.

I lovingly wait for the moment when you desire to connect with my love and know your Self – your true Self – as nothing less than My love, the same love that lives and abides in all creation.

– I love you. I am you.
The Presence

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