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NorthPoint Astrology Journal
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August 26 to September 1, 2019

by Pam Younghans
THE PLANET URANUS holds court this week, bestowing blessings upon those who seek progressive change, and assisting our efforts to make a paradigm shift. The eccentric planet, known for acting in sudden and unexpected ways, forms helpful trine aspects to five other planets as they journey through the early degrees of Virgo: Venus (on Monday), Mars (on Wednesday), the Sun (on Thursday), the Moon (on Friday), and Mercury (on Sunday).

These trine aspects can help us make significant progress in some area of our lives–but we must be flexible in our thinking and open to new solutions. We are breaking through the restraints of the past, shattering the conventions and ideals that used to make sense, but that now have become restrictive.

AS GATEKEEPER to the realms of Higher Consciousness, Uranus expands our thinking beyond the boundaries of rational thought. While in Taurus, Uranus teaches us that if we are to enjoy breakthroughs, we must be willing to experience some level of breakdown. We have to be willing to dismantle the old patterns that have kept us trudging along the same familiar–but now quite rutted–path in life.

To put a vegan spin on an old adage, we have to crack a few shells if we’re going to make almond milk.

THROUGHOUT THIS WEEK , cracked shells allow new light and insights to filter into our brains, illuminating a new path forward. Given Uranus’ penchant for working in surprising ways, we may receive some higher-level inspirations from very unexpected sources. And, t he strong weighting of planets in Virgo can help us apply the information we receive in very practical ways.

Virgo usually has clear knowing of what does and doesn’t work, down to the smallest detail. This can, of course, be beneficial, but it can also limit us. Once we think we have everything figured out and under control, we can close our minds to other ways of addressing the issues before us. After all, once we know the most efficient or effective way to get something done, why look further?

But, to take full advantage of Uranus’ benevolent side this week, we will want to look beyond the details, to see beyond the individual trees and to observe the forest. We will want to think in a less linear way, to be open to new ways of reasoning.

If we are so inclined, this may include more consciously acknowledging ourselves as multidimensional beings who exist on many levels of reality and in many timelines. As we do this with awareness and intention, we stimulate our capacity to access higher versions of ourselves and to bring a more elevated perspective into our daily lives.

DRAGON ENERGY is activated by our New Moon on Friday, which occurs at 3:37 a.m. PDT (10:37 a.m. GMT), at 6°46′ Virgo. At the time of the lunation, the Sun and Moon are within one degree of the fixed star Thuban, currently located at 7°27′ Virgo, in the constellation of Draco the Dragon.

According to star expert Roderick Kidston, Thuban is “powerful, magical, and dazzling.” It was the pole star long ago, when the pyramids were built in Egypt. At the time, the star was visible from the bottom of the central passage of the Great Pyramid.

Kidston writes in his book The Magic of the Stars that Thuban embodies the power of the entire Draco constellation:

“The dragon is guarding treasure, whatever form it takes … If the energies of the star are distorted, they can manifest coarse greed for riches or power, possessiveness and malice; but when the energies are directed to higher purposes, they can open to vast spiritual and materials progress and attainment.”

IN MANY WAYS , these words echo what we’ve just been discussing about the heightened Uranus influence this week, with its potential for great expansion and forward movement. Here’s a bit more from Kidston’s book:

“Thuban is a star which can never, ever, be underestimated. We need to handle its might and power with some care and with only the best intentions. No mere mortal can hold a dragon by the tail. But if we work with it, even learn how to ride it, we can fly to places exceeding our wildest dreams.”

This dragon energy, being mobilized by Friday’s New Moon, is our companion throughout the new lunar cycle. And, we may see specific developments around the time of the Pisces Full Moon in two weeks, on September 13.

THE LESS EVOLVED traits of dragon may also be apparent this week, due to several hard aspects that are occurring. Among these: Our same group of planets in Virgo that are benefitting from the trine to expansive Uranus are also sesquiquadrate power-hungry Pluto. Those aspects are exact tonight (Venus), Tuesday (Mars), Thursday (the Sun), and Sunday (Mercury).

Hard aspects involving Pluto nearly always invoke emotional reactivity, often in the form of an internal or external power struggle. With Venus, we can wrestle with relationship dynamics; with Mars, anger and criticism can be hard to contain; with the Sun, we can feel that our essential identity is being threatened; and with Mercury, words can be exceptionally hurtful.

THANKFULLY , we have the wings of the dragon to carry us over the dark chasms (imagine the Golden-Retriever-like luckdragon in the movie “Neverending Story”). We also have the insights of Uranus to help us navigate our way to a higher perspective. It will doubtless take some effort not to look down–and we may deal with some nervousness about being so high above the ground–but we can do this!

And, starting next Sunday and spreading out over the next week, our group of planets in Virgo will each individually form supportive and stabilizing trine aspects to Saturn. If we’ve been spinning out–either from the speed of change or the depth of our own emotional responses–those Saturn aspects will help us regain our composure.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: You are entering a highly-energized year in which you feel a very strong drive to improve many areas of your life. The main caution is to be patient; watch the tendency to overanalyze, and do not to expect yourself or others to live up to an impossible ideal. If you are normally more reserved, it will be easier for you to assert yourself, and you may even go a bit overboard in your exuberance. But your enhanced focus will help you keep your feet on the ground while at the same time enabling you to make important changes. This is a good year to gain more clarity about relationships. You may also be drawn to communicate your ideas more directly, either through writing or speaking. (Solar Return Sun conjunct Mercury, conjunct Venus, conjunct Mars, square Jupiter, trine Saturn, trine Uranus, square Ceres)

In Gratitude and Light,


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