The Boldness of Authenticity; A Life Beyond Choices


Message from Ailia & The Council of Radiant Light

It takes courage, and boldness in life to do what feels right to you.

So much of life is telling you what you should do. This has been part of your experience, for as long as you can remember.

All around you are messages explaining and spelling out what it takes to succeed, accomplish, “be all you can be.” Ideas of right and wrong, but even beyond that, subtle messages that you aren’t good enough and you need to do more.

This idea of “making the most of your life,” is often so interwoven with messages that basically tell you, that you should push yourself, even if you don’t feel like it.

That you can’t trust your feelings and if you want to have a great life you need to do more. The clear message is that meaning and purpose, fulfillment and value in life come from doing more. And? If you’re not happy, or feeling the way you want about your life, not getting the results that you want, the answer? You should try harder and overcome your resistance to the things you don’t naturally feel like doing.

All in all, these messages say: AS YOU ARE, YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH, YOU’RE NOT OKAY.

Icky, isn’t it?

Given all of this, most people have some conditioning to feel that action and doing is what matters in life and typically that they “should be doing more.”

When what they feel like doing/being isn’t doing more – isn’t about trying, striving, improving or doing it “the right way”… then there is inner conflict.

We’d like you to realize inner conflict is a sign the Greater Self within you isn’t joining the “not enough party”… We’d like you to consider that BEING is enough.

Being YOU, Your Way, is Enough.

And more than that – living that way WORKS. Doing what feels right to you, what’s natural for you, what feels in harmony with who you truly are isn’t a choice that means giving up well-being and a beautiful life…it’s the choice that makes that possible, with ease and grace.

We’d like to suggest that inner harmony be your guide for life. We invite you to gift yourself with that as a possible way of navigating life, so you can feel the immense ease, grace and abundance that is available to you.

Abundance and well-being abound. You’ve heard this and some part of you deep within senses the truth of it. You may wonder WHAT is keeping you from experiencing it? What if it’s simply being at odds with yourself?

You can only receive / perceive that which is resonant with your energy.

We want you to realize (through your own experience) that by being yourself, being naturally as you are, being in ways that you love being and enjoy, ways that FEEL GOOD TO YOU, then, you are of the greatest service to LIFE and you empower your own well-being.

We know that if you experiment with making this your priority in life – to live in harmony with your Greater Self, your soul… with who you truly are, you will find great relief. You will learn that our promise that this can work for you, is real and also that as you live this way you will discover “Hey! I feel good!

Your body, when you’re doing what feels natural to you, feels good. It feels relaxed and at ease. Your mind when you’re doing what feels natural to you, is calm and clear. Your spirit, when you’re doing what feels natural, true to you, is able to give to you, fully and without limitation. You can easily be fulfilled.

Naturalness is a good guide for knowing. When you’re in sync with your Greater Self, there isn’t really even choice in the moment, there is just knowing. Authenticity is a way of being and doing in which you are moving and flowing, in a way that is beyond thinking, or figuring things out. There is simply natural movement arising from your own presence. Doing. Being. All very natural. The balance of doing/being, also very natural. And dynamic.

So this doesn’t mean predictability, or certainty. It doesn’t mean consistency or habit. These things can serve you when you embrace them to accomplish inner harmony, but remember what the aim is here – being true to you. Not following a list, or doing some plan.

When you embrace a life oriented to your own alignment, there is freshness. You’ll discover more energy, experience spontaneity, synchronicity and a deep feeling of well being. Life lightens up! Its more fun and fun things happen more often. Meanwhile, your presence has a genuineness that is radiant, true and so easy to be around.

We invite you to consider your relationship to inner harmony…to your priorities in life, to your criteria for living. 

It takes boldness to live a life that is true to you, making your inner knowing the authority. The promise of this way of living is everything; it brings you into unity with All that you are, and all that is. Even though many messages tell you this won’t work, why don’t you see for yourself?

See if you like it. See if you feel better. Discover what comes and what goes in your life as you line up with YOU.

Your life can be clear and coherent and the pleasure of embodiment, a familiar experience. This experience is always available to you, right here, right now.

We share this message so it may encourage and embolden you to relax and let go a bit…to tune into yourself more and honor you. To serve as a reminder to you, of who you truly are, how life really works and encourage you to remember – you have intrinsic capacity for embodiment, and your own feelings of harmony within you, can be your reliable guide in every moment. There is the potential for great joy being you, here.

We love you very much. Copyright © 2010 – 2019 Ailia Mira • An Expect Wonderful Business • All Rights Reserved


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