Sophia – Pleiadian Pipeline # 44

August 4, 2019
I began with the intention to reach our Pleiadian friends.
Is there someone who wants to connect?
Sophia! Hello! Welcome again to our circle of love!
(sigh…) Hi everyone! Thanks for coming forward.
We are always here for you.
I appreciate and know that.
I’m wondering if you have any updates or information for us? It’s been quite awhile since we’ve connected.
It has!
We’ve been busy with so many things.
First, as you probably suspect, there is the mass production of our healing pods. This is a continuous effort and comes always as our #1 priority to help humanity.
Second in order is the fine tuning of specifics. We mean specific ailments.
This does not mean the same things it does for your allopathic medicine people, as in different and specific methods and medicines and procedures.
This means a focus on the cause of ailments, diseases and setbacks and the most effective energy focus to heal each one. In other words, deep sadness we notice results in certain bodily troubles, while anger in others.
The fine tuning of our instruments adjusts according to what is present in the individual. The more individuals we have to work on, the greater our accuracy and speed can be. We encourage you, therefore, to not be shy – ask us to work on your friends and loved ones.
We cannot do so without being asked and we will not do so if we get a loud “no” or resistance from the being. No harm will ensue by asking.
Would you hold a moment?
Okay, I’m back.
We were talking about more humans becoming a part of this. We’d like as many of you (as possible) now to have exposure to our technology. It will help ease the surprise of things during the transition and arrival and co-mingling that is to occur.
Even if you are not conscious of them, but utilize them, ask for them; the familiarity and repetition will help. This is what we hope for.
Is there anything else?
No, not today Sophia. We are so very engaged in preparations and so very excited to be of some assistance. It is an honor.
We appreciate your efforts to keep this pipeline open.
You’re welcome. We appreciate the information you share with us.
Thank you. Goodbye then.
Goodbye, Sophia.
(I see 5 smiling faces and waving hands!!!)


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