Sophia – Pleiadian Pipeline # 43

Hey everyone, I hope this finds you well. I’ve been hearing that our friends the P’s are quite busy with your requests for their technology! This is great and they are so pleased.
Today I wanted to share a few things. They do not come from a single conversation, but from several and over quite a length of time.
First, there have been several requests for a translation of the protocol. I will post it permanently on this blogs cover page (on the website), but I ask for you to send it to me yourselves. Please send it via email with “Protocol translation in _____ (fill in the blank with the appropriate language). In this way, the wording will be immediately accessible to anyone who happens upon the blog’s page.
Thank you.
There are a few specifics about their technology that I’d like to clarify. First, an element of resolve which has been physically demonstrated, is a must and necessary for their technology to succeed. We’ve talked about this before, yet it is worth mentioning that for both my partner and myself, major change happened only when we ourselves did something physical to accelerate the process. This is not a “wait for the meds to kick in” sort of healing. It is mandatory that you participate with your intent and belief and action.
Second, since we’ve last spoken, I’ve noticed that because of our new found resolve, that they will ramp it up and get to work on both of us every time we sleep, whether or not we have said anything to them. This may have always been happening, but today it is obvious and changes are evident upon waking. They have accepted our decision and commitment to healing and are showing up to help whenever we sleep! It is amazing and we are both seeing rapid results.
Third, some clarity on this healing. This is not age regression. The P’s look “forever 30” because they have been showered with this tech for their entire lives; hence, no aging. What will occur for you is that at whatever age you are, you will be the most physical optimum specimen for you. If you’ve already got wrinkles and laugh lines, they will more than likely remain. Yet you will move with ease and without the need of what others your current age may be needing. I can say for myself that in all ways I feel younger and stronger than I did just a year or so ago, and that this has been a subtle sort of change that some days just becomes glaringly obvious! It is a challenge to pinpoint, but I feel it. For my partner, it is evident in his numbers and energy level.
We’ve been working with them for about 4 years, serving as their “guinea pigs” for this tech. Someday I hope to share the books of notes from that time, it was a wild and at times, disappointing ride. We fully expected to wake up the night after we began with them, looking years younger. It didn’t happen. They were never sure what to expect, but we were all willing and every bit of knowledge gained from that time, is now available for all of you to benefit from. What it takes is belief and acceptance that it is real.
The age regression tech, I am told, is available through humans (right now) and also the reptilians. I believe that we’ll see wide-spread use of it at some point, but that is not because I’ve been told that. Personally, I’d be pretty happy to return to a 100% healthy and vibrant version of me right now. And that is what is happening! There may not be an age regression, but there will be a halting of it from here on out. Not bad. All without an insurance premium!
So please, continue to share in the comments section below, and send me any translation of the protocol. I appreciate all of you so much.
With love and light,


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