The Great Return by Jenny Schiltz


The Great Return

The Great Return
by Jenny Schiltz | May 6, 2019

The Great Return
The past few months have been extremely intense and deeply transformational. So much is changing at a deep cellular level. The best way I can describe it is we have to go deep inside in order to expand even further than we have ever dreamed possible. It means pulling back from so much to quiet the noise that keeps us locked into a particular reality.

In Shamanic journeys, I have been shown a black door, a portal, with golden bricks around it. I thought maybe it would lead me to a new realm. When I finally felt it was time to walk through that door I was surprised that the door led to me.

I was shown deep held patterns, beliefs and where reality shifted to conform to the beliefs I held. I was shown timelines I had created to fulfill those beliefs and how just a simple shift in understanding collapses that timeline. I saw where people had come in to play roles that matched my beliefs. I was then shown that by seeing through the limitations of the mind, those playing the roles will either shift their interactions and role or they will leave my field. It was simply amazing and very eye-opening. All of us are going through this on some level and it is not an easy process.

This is the time of The Great Return. We are returning to ourselves, to the deep knowing of our soul, and to deep authenticity. Click To Tweet
The Great Return

My team then told me that this is the time of The Great Return. We are returning to ourselves, to the deep knowing of our soul, and to deep authenticity. Everything is going through this process, the earth, and all her inhabitants, from every species, kingdom, and genus. No one is untouched as the energies bathe our planet. How this Great Return looks and how long it takes will be very individual.

The bottom line is that we need to own it all, own our perceptions, our beliefs, and expectations. Own all of our aspects including the deepest recesses of our shadow. Where we have held misconceptions, victimhood, and self-sabotaging behaviors will become more and more obvious. When we are in the place of observation it is easier to see verses when we are wrapped up in emotions.

We are also seeing the collective belief systems that have held us into a reality where we continually disempower ourselves. We have to see where we have given our power away to others, institutions, religion, belief systems, and fear. Seeing and rectifying this is all part of returning to ourselves, to our sovereignty and to our creations.

Navigating the new space we find ourselves in.

We are in a new space with new rules and the only thing being asked of us is that we follow our heart. When we are not centered in our divinity we can walk between the old outdated timelines and the new. This swinging back in forth is painful to us mentally, physically, and emotionally. We can no longer sit comfortably on the fence.

During a session recently we were discussing the swinging back and forth between realities and it was explained by Spirit that “Those that are utilizing their powers of creation but do not walk in their power will find that duality is magnified”.

What this means is that those awakening, awaken to their powers of creation (slowly, thankfully) but without being self-empowered to do what is best for themselves, the duality of the collective becomes much louder. However, sometimes we need things to get really obnoxious for us to see the patterning buried within.

With the heart space wide open we are able to look with new eyes at all around us. It is through our heart space that we are better able to discern what is true and correct for ourselves even with all the noise around us. When we give permission to ourselves to live from our most authentic space, all of our patterns, beliefs, and misconceptions have no choice but to be seen and healed.

It is not that we discard the mind as it is vital to our experience on earth. However, it is putting the heart in the driver’s seat and the mind in the back. It is a tool to be utilized and nothing more.

Rules have changed

As we learn to walk in this new space, time is getting really wonky. Some days the time seems to go very quickly and others it goes slow. Yet, I find that if I am concentrating on one task, the time stretches to allow me to get a lot done in a little bit of time. If I distract myself during a task with all the pretty shiny things of our world the time flies and I get little done. It is training us to be very present and intentional in all that we do.

The rules for this new space are different. It is no longer “a bird in hand is worth two in the bush”. Now it is let go of what you are holding onto and dive into the bush that makes your heart sing, knowing that there will be more than birds than ever. Once you make the decision to go follow your heart, the universe then lights up that path like a runway. We have to trust ourselves that we will make the right decisions even when nothing seems clear.

This ascension experience is like putting together a puzzle without the picture on the box. We find piece after piece by connecting with the sacred heart space and our joy. #ascension #embodiment Click To Tweet
The Great Return of Everything

Everything is changing, everything is slowly waking from the spell of amnesia. Our sun has changed and the codes and geometry streaming in are changing everything including our very DNA. As we become more awake, so to does our world.

Recently a friend and I went to a local hot spring with the kids. The drive is absolutely stunning and one of my favorites. There is a portion where the road leads through a canyon, the road follows the river and the mountains make you feel in awe of the incredible beauty of the earth. Yet, I didn’t feel at ease and I found that I was holding my heart and throat chakras. I look over at my friend who is also a shamanic practitioner and notice that she was rubbing her chest as well. It just felt odd and unsettling.

I asked to be shown why we were feeling this way and 3 Native Americans, a woman, and two men came into my vision. I knew that they were guardians of the land. They explained that they were removing the guards they had put in place. I was shown that the mountains were held with beautiful gold netting, but now the netting was removed. I didn’t totally understand it but my linear mind went to rockslides or earthquakes.

On the return, we entered into the canyon again and both felt immediately ill at ease. In front of us was this huge portion of rock that stood out from all the others. I looked at my friend and said: “I don’t like how that rock feels, it is so angry”. She agreed and told me she was creeped out and planned to speed through the canyon. Just then her young son who is very psychic said: “Mom, I keep seeing rocks smashing cars.” I whispered to my friend that I saw a rock being rising up from the earth and hurling rocks at cars. She agreed and was covered in goosebumps.

I still was thinking that how it could translate into the world would be through earthquakes or rock slides. Yet it didn’t sit right, I knew I was missing something. As it always does, the universe provides me exactly what I need to bring some understanding in.

My team showed me how each time the frequency of our world (and us) lowered, there were major earth changes. The reverse is happening now. As we are on the Great Return, the earth is again shifting. The veils that held us asleep also held the earth asleep, these veils are gone now and all are beginning to rise from the depths of sleep.

I then came across a book called the “The Lost Lands” by Lucy Cavendish, where explains that many of the Ancient tribes from all over the world spoke of how the ancestors became our bedrock, our reefs, our mountains. The Lakota “tell a tale of rising waters, of land being covered by this flood, and of a great chief who led his warriors to the mountains in Arizona. “When it became clear that even the mountain peaks would be submerged, the chief told his braves that, rather than let them drown ignominiously, he would turn them to stone. They are there guarding the heights even today.” I saw again the golden netting coming down. The netting was just a layer of the sleep.

As I read those words, I was covered in goose bumps. I then understood and sympathized with the anger I felt from that large rock along the road. We understand the pain of going into such a deep sleep that we forgot who we are and our connection with our souls. That as we rub our eyes from the spell we are hit with the realization of just how much we lost of ourselves as each veil of sleep descended. Each time the world shifted, lowered in frequency we went deeper and deeper into sleep. We don’t have to do much digging to tap into those emotions, there is deep grief and sometimes anger.

My team told me that the grief, anger, even rage is stored in our bodies. All the pain from the many lives, the pain of falling deeper and deeper into the disconnect. It is time that we honor that pain and let the body know that it no longer needs to hold it. Lay it down.

Howl at the moon, run until you can’t take another breath, allow yourself to rage, cry until the tears fall no more, drum and sing… do whatever it takes to just lay it down. Tell your body it is now safe, it is now free, and every day you are returning more and more to who you are in your entirety. Lay it down and begin to feel the magic that surrounds us. We are all becoming more and more alive.

Sending you all so much love and joy as we go through this incredible transition. Thank you to all who share this work, it is an important way for the information to get out there.

Jenny Schiltz

P.S. Many are feeling overwhelmed in the energies. It can feel like a thousand radio stations playing all at once. I asked AA Michael why so many of us are experiencing energies and thoughts that are impacting the form and he explained that as we open to the higher realms so to do we open to the lower realms. As above, so below, it can be no other way. I decided to offer a Group Energetic Healing Session that will help to clear the clutter in the energetic form, seal the halo from discordant frequencies, and protect the nervous system. The session will be held on May 16th, but you do not have to be live to attend as you will get a recording. This recording can be used again and again to clear your form as we go through this transition. To participate CLICK HERE

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