The Art of Jumping Time Lines


Dear friends,
this is a very timely message from the Hathors, via Tom Kenyon, although already 9 years old.
It is the answer to the pressing issues of the installation of 5G worldwide and other health debilitating methods to reduce the world population and to enslave the surviving humanity as living robots via Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.
They are just now in the process of installing 20.000 5G satellites in the skies:

We do not want to live with this. It does not belong to us and the life we have chosen. So what can be done! We change timelines!
To change/jump timelines is simply based on our creative abilities, beyond the world we see. I have created in the past especially 2 messages/videos about this issue, but was never aware to look at it from the point of view of jumping timelines!
Here are the links of my videos again, just to inspire your creativity!

The Room of True Creation I & II

And here is again the link to the Hathor’s message from 2010. Enjoy!!

Good luck!
Much love, Ute


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