Your Path and Your Service – The Council


Your Path and Your Service – The Council
Once again we will speak on the topic of soul path and service. The question, as you have asked it, is below. It indicates several very common misconceptions regarding both path and service.

“Hello. How can we move directly on our soul path and service if we have no idea what that may be as of the moment but our hearts are roaring to go….and because of our sincerity and eagerness to be in alignment with our soul’s truth ..being open…would you come meet us where we are with a huge drop of grace and guidance that is a game changer for all. Thank you.”

Regarding the soul path, as you call it. Your soul’s path is the path that you are on and can be no other. Are you on or close to the trajectory that you intended to be on when you decided to incarnate? That is a different question.

However, please understand that you are gathering experience for your Self, and there can be no ‘wrong’ way to do that.

We in spirit who have an interest in your process will do our best to influence you to remain as close as possible to your original intention. There remains the fact of your free will. If things are a bit too bumpy, if your path is full of potholes, consider that we may be ‘helping’ in the best way we are allowed. A slight change of direction, if it causes a smoothing of the road, may be all the guiding you need. If your guidance is more difficult, consider how strong your asking for guidance may have been.

Are you allowed to change your path from the original intent? Of course you are. You are free. You may have whatever life you choose. You will not be punished. Period. You may choose to explore cause and effect more deeply. We do recommend that you accept the responsibility for the choices, however.

The same sort of reasoning applies to your service. You discuss service to self as opposed to service to others. And there are very good reasons for you to choose not to be centered completely upon your own perceived benefit, although such perceptions are almost totally erroneous and extremely short-sighted.

Let us say once again, as we have stated in the past, that your sensed inability to know and discover your path and your service is due to your determination that the life you are living is not good enough. You have ideas about what ‘good enough’ might be, and it is not what you are experiencing. May we point out, please, that those ideas are learned. We are not saying that being a great teacher, for instance is not laudable. We are saying that where there is a need for that, there will be a teacher.

And ALL of these misconceptions, dear friends, are caused by your ideas of separation. All of the necessary paths, all of the necessary service of this moment is what you, as a collective, are living. If you perceive a need, then the perception is what is needed. Do you see? Your knowings cause decisions. Decisions cause actions. Actions cause change. You cannot change the world overnight. You can contribute. And you do.

Our main message here is that you ARE enough. You ARE what is needed. We do not make you wrong, however. Please give yourself credit for the desire to improve. It as hardwired into you. You will always want better. You will always want to be better. That, my friends, is your path and your service.

Thank you for your question.

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