When you are not happy, you can safely assume that there is a conditioned program


Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Your minds are so much more powerful than you could ever imagine. It is with your mind that you get to exercise one of your greatest gifts – the gift of free will. In the vast realms of mind, you are unlimited. Like a television tuner, you can use your mind to focus on any reality you wish to experience.

You can take entire vacations in your mind, thus drawing that sort of relaxation to you in your body and life. You can imagine people to be their best or their worst and your experience of them will vary depending on your focus. You can imagine something is good for you and it will be, or you can fear it and thus render it incompatible with you.

You can use your minds consciously as a tool for creation or you can allow your unconscious programs to use you.

When you are not happy, you can safely assume that there is a conditioned program running you – a belief or idea that is using you to perpetuate its reality.

When you are happy your soul is in charge. You are aligned with love, focusing on a beautiful experience of life. It is your soul’s essential nature to see the love available in each moment.

You look at the world and you feel good when you see people doing good – rescuing animals, helping others, creating beautiful music or art. It uplifts you and inspires you. It touches and draws forth the spirit of Love within you.

Yet, how many millions unconsciously flip on the television and sit in front of shows that make them feel angry, upset fearful, or miserable? This is not natural. It is conditioned.

Can you imagine that someone walks up to you and says, “I will give you a delicious meal or a terrible meal. You get to choose.” Likewise life says, “I will give you a delicious experience or a miserable one. You get to choose what you focus upon.”

While many of you feel you need to be aware of the dangers of the world outside of you, it is far better to place more emphasis on your inner compass where Divine love guides you to safety, joy, abundance, and all that you seek to experience. Your inner focus is your ultimate protection.

While you feel that the outer world can harm you, the truth is that you are designed, not only be alive, but to thrive. You are designed to create, expand, love, and assist one another.

It is a time on earth where the energies are so strong, it is imperative to use your mind wisely. What you focus on will seem to come more quickly than ever before. Focus on what you want with joyful anticipation and you’ll more quickly manifest. Focus on what you don’t want and you’ll feel the pain of resisting your soul’s true desires. It is your mind, dear ones. It is your life.

We love you and wait to assist you. Ask us to work with you in your sleep. Ask us to help you reprogram yourselves to notice and seek the good, the beautiful, the more joyful experiences and people in life.

Try, shifting your thoughts, one negative thought at a time. Like building muscle you can train your mind to focus on what is good and then your lives will reflect that far more purely.

Dear ones, your minds are the instruments of your free will. They were never meant to control you, but for centuries you have been at the mercy of human programs. It is only in your time – in this day and age – that there is a movement in human consciousness reminding you that your spirit is in charge of your mind, and that you get to choose with intent, the realities you wish to focus upon and therefore, experience!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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