Sophia – Some answers to your questions


April 2, 2019

Dear Gloria ,

Hi everyone and welcome!

Before getting into the answers today, there are a few things to explain. The questions included here make reference to conversations that took place within the last several years and which were only shared in the subscription version of this publication. It is for that reason that embedded within today’s questions, there will be portions of these referenced beings.

These conversations have been going on since 2013. My book Inclusion includes many that took place through the end of 2015. Other books are in the works.

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April 2, 2019

Before beginning, here is a snippet of the conversation that took place in 2018 with the beings from Arcturus:

“Sophia, I represent brethren from the star system of Arcturus.

We witness the process you engage in now.

The frequency plays with you now, as you witness outcomes only dreamed of yesterday. As you approach the center, the oneness, the base particle that is love – you will witness simultaneous happenings in multiple arenas.

These will seem to come from someone else, or someplace else.
They come from within you as the only place where creation originates.

It is like that for us.
We have combined our collective frequencies in our own collective evolution and an event manifested that was simultaneously witnessed.

None of us comprehended at the time that what we were witnessing was a product of our own creation.

We do now.

…the event did not come from beyond the realm of our own

consciousness. We were not separate from it, not at all.

Take gentle care of your deepest held truths and watch them manifest as your life. They are not irrelevant. It was only your mind-control that had you believe that.

They are the core of creation”

Is there someone now available for questions?

Yes, Sophia, go ahead.

Thank you.

This first question is for the beings from Arcturus.

“Interesting… So, did they go through their own ‘Event’? And were they under a sort of control like we are?”

Yes. Our answer for you now is yes. We did proceed through a closing of one reality and a simultaneous opening of another. We see this as a reference to the same situation that you are calling and Event.

We do not know the specifics of defining the word for humans, yet sense it means “happening all at once”.

For, in our recall and our records now, we see that these things did happen seemingly in an instant, i.e. “An Event”.

What we experienced on the ground however was un-remarkable. We can report that for most of us present during this event, it was a glitch. A moment that left us questioning what had just happened, wondering if we missed something. Things around us were not surprising, they looked pretty much the same as they had the moment before – but THEY FELT ALTERED.

We did not appreciate the full import of the Event until, (with hindsight), we saw the crumbling and re-building that simultaneously happened.

It appears, from our history, that a clearer picture of the crumbling emerged than of the re-building or the new.

Perhaps this is because the crumbling was louder and effected structures we were already looking at.

What is/was new had not instantly come into full view.

Yes, we were enslaved. Yes, by the same beings, Reptilian War Lords, who are responsible now for the enslavement of Earth.

Although you do not fully feel it yet, they are gone.

Their abilities and tendencies and patterns are well known.

The Earth has long been a favored target of theirs. Your liberation increases the odds of reducing their abilities everywhere. It has been a long time coming.

We see you now and honor your attention to the detail in the process. It is one of the reasons it takes so long, or appears to.

Take heart, the end result will be worth it.

Thank you for responding.

You are most welcome.

To add a bit more to the “Reptilian War Lord” reference above, here is a snippet of a conversation from 2 years ago, with one who described itself in just the same way…

“We are your ancestors in a real and physical sense; your creators in another sense, your pro-genitors. We are not the ancient ones you’ve been in contact with. We are more like War Lords…

Some of the infinite possibilities for life have elements in them of hierarchy and of a military-like dynamic.

There are implications within the structure that seem to find themselves played out in your theatrical human drama.

Some of creation becomes competitive when there seems to be limited resources. There are not, in fact, limited resources. There appear to be so that the creation nuance can be played in a specific way.

These battles over planets occur at the hands of overseers who control parts of species or galaxies. It is vastly more complex and interesting than the reaches of this communique can include.”

This next question is for anyone who can answer accurately.

Please, what is the truth about the Planet X /Nibiru system’s orbit crossing paths with Earth’s soon? A lot is being said these days and it does feel, to me, that SOMEthing is coming up.

Thank you.

Thank you.

This Planet X is real.

It approaches and with it a return. The return will be announced elsewhere. You must discern what is truth and what is fabrication and what is mis-information and what is innocent misunderstanding.

This is a challenge to a race such as yours, un-practiced in self-awareness and kept always behind curtains of deception.

As the frequencies change, trust will come more readily. It will take a practiced eye and ear for accurate perception.

Know this. Most, but not all, of what your official history tells you is not accurate.

Find those who have nothing to profit by telling what they see or hear and pay your attention in that direction.

Your universe is much more remarkable and occupied than you’ve been told. Much is seen now by astronomers sworn or threatened into secrecy.

The avalanche of truth will bring out many things residing in your galaxy and near to your system of stars. You are in for a real eye-opening time.

Why the secrecy from you?

It is told that there is an order to truths and as they are told, their explanation is then readily absorbed. This will prove beneficial to how information is reconciled and reduce fear.

Fear is unnecessary.

Comprehension for the vastness of life – is (necessary).

We believe the question has been answered.

Yes. Thank you.


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