Sophia – Pleiadian Pipeline # 39


March 21, 2019
Is there someone who wants to connect?
There is Sophia, yes. We are here now with information for your readers. Is this the time to transmit this information?
Yes, it could be. Thank you for coming forward in this way.
Please, go ahead.
Why of course. We are your friends from the Pleiades, and here now with an update.
This update concerns the progress and path chosen by so many of you now; we see it as sort of a “trend”. It is true that there are energetic “intrusions” guiding your movements.
So many of you, sensitive now to these shifts and alterations, have come to accept them as part of the journey. You would be right. In fact, you are now inundated with so many shifting vibrations that it is a challenge to record and organize them.
This is why we reach you now. We’d like to suggest that instead of labeling and then justifying these (vibrations and shifts) as this wave, that illness or this event – that you accept the current that is running into and through you, as well as the planet now, as the new norm.
For indeed, for those of you readying for the new earth, this is what is happening.
It won’t always be like this. True. Nothing remains the same. Nothing will remain the same from this point on.
You have come from extreme polarity and thus choose often to label and compartmentalize everything: weather, emotion, action, people, nature, energy.
We ask, we suggest, that you begin to see what is happening to, through and around you as a constant.
This is life, the flow of creation.
As you accept and move with it, the road becomes less bumpy. Yes, those trees that remain supple and bend with the wind will not break, even when the super strong gusts cross their path.
We suggest you intend acceptance and allowance 24/7, and as this becomes habit, we believe you’ll see less separation.
With that vision your ability to observe the flow of creation will accelerate, and the shifts in frequency will be less rocky and not as shocking.
You are all of it at once, and the changes in body, emotions and thought processes all happen in concert with the energetic changes around you.
Patiently observe all, and acceptance will become your instinctual reaction.
Resist the urge to label things as “HARD”, “BAD”, “EXHAUSTING”, “PAINFUL”. Resist the urge to label at all. Everything you are experiencing has its part in this process.
You are beloved, dear, dear humans. It is an honor to participate and witness your transformation and evolution.
We are complete. Thank you for answering our call today.
You are welcome. Thank you. Goodbye now!
Goodbye. (smiles and waves)


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